At half the price, the Oppo Band Style becomes as interesting as Xiaomi’s bracelets

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If it was hard to recommend when it was launched due to its price, the Oppo Style Band is nevertheless a fairly effective activity tracker and it becomes more recommendable now that it has lost half its price: 29 euros against 60 euros. So it becomes a great alternative to Xiaomi products.

Oppo Band Style bracelet
The Oppo Band Style bracelet // Source: Frandroid

You are a sports enthusiast and want to get an effective and cheap connected bracelet, then the Oppo Band Style might well inspire you. Bet on a careful design, a well-made screen, but also sensors to monitor your health and your sports activities. Today, it is available for less than 30 euros in its Style model.

A bracelet that we thank for…

  • good quality screen
  • Its easy to understand interface
  • Its effective activity monitoring.

Marketed at its launch at 60 euros, the Oppo Band Style is now offered at just 29.99 euros on Amazon. This connected bracelet is available in two colors at this price: vanilla and black.

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Oppo Band Style at the best price?

An attractive design, with a well-made screen

For its first connected bracelet, Oppo offers two versions: Style or Sport. Here’s the Style version, a sleeker model that has a stainless steel loop around the sensor. Slimmer than the Sport bracelet, the Oppo Band Style offers a relatively classic design, with a pleasant-to-wear oval shape that’s easily forgotten on your wrist.

At the screen level, Oppo incorporates an AMOLED panel that offers excellent contrast. On the other hand, we find ourselves with a small diagonal of 1.1 inches, which may seem small compared to the competition. The display shows a correct definition (126 × 294 pixels). You’ll have no trouble reading the screen in broad daylight, as long as you turn the brightness all the way up.

An effective bracelet, but with some concessions.

Compared to other activity trackers, the Oppo Style Band is limited to offering 12 sports, including outdoor running, cycling, rowing, swimming (don’t panic, the bracelet is water resistant up to 50m deep) or… cricket . And, for those who love racing, this bracelet does not have GPS… Therefore, you will have to trust the accuracy of the GPS of your smartphone. To find all the data that follows your sports activities, you just have to go to the dedicated application of the brand.

An activity tracker that lacks in fitness but makes up for it on the health side. Oppo’s connected bracelet can continuously measure heart rate, but also blood oxygen saturation, the famous SpO2. It can also monitor sleep quality and offers breathing exercises. To make the most of it, the brand integrates a 100 mAh battery into its bracelet and would offer up to 12 days of autonomy on a single charge, according to the manufacturer. Note that the autonomy is quite average once all the tracking is activated. Wait a week instead.

Do you want more information? Find our complete test on Oppo Band Style.

7 /10


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