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Having largely opened up its Supercharger network to other brands in Europe, Tesla is taking a step forward and will eventually do the same in the US. This should allow it to dramatically increase its revenue, as well as promote electric mobility for all vehicles. .

The network of Tesla Superchargers continues to be a strong argument in favor of the American manufacturer against other brands. If it is open to everyone in much of Europe, this is not the case in the United States, where the only fast charging alternative is usually Electrify America, much less developed.

This will change soon, allowing Elon Musk’s signature recover part of the revenue linked to the roaming charge that had previously eluded you.

An opening awaited for many months

When the pilot program to open European Superchargers began in late 2021, many anticipated two distinct scenarios: either the program is a success, or this will become the rule all over the worldor the program is a flop, and Superchargers return to the sole property of the owners of the brand’s vehicles.

In Europe, for many months now, we have noticed that the program is really a success from Tesla’s point of view. The proof is, the rule when opening a new Supercharger is availability for alland the exception is a Supercharger reserved for brand customers.

If Magic Dock in North America is expected to allow electric motorists driving Fords, Volkswagens or Nissans to take advantage of the Supercharger network, the manufacturer has today confirmed that its network will be open to others shortly.

Select Tesla superchargers in the US will soon be open to all electric vehicles

— Tesla Charging (@TeslaCharging) February 15, 2023

In addition, the White House issued a press release with some details:

Tesla will, for the first time, open up a portion of its US supercharger and destination charger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles, making at least 7,500 chargers available for all electric vehicles by the end of 2024.

The open magazines will be distributed in the United States. they will understand at least 3,500 250 kW superchargers new and existing ones along highways to expand freedom of movement for all electric vehicles, and Tier 2 destination charging at places like hotels and restaurants, in urban and rural areas. All electric vehicle drivers will be able to access these stations through the Tesla app or website. The rest, Tesla Will More Than Double Its Nationwide Supercharger NetworkMade in Buffalo, New York.

If the White House communicates in such detail on the Tesla network, this is due in particular to the fact that Elon Musk’s firm will finally be able to take advantage of the subsidies that have gone to the competition so far.

Indeed, as in Europe, the subsidies linked to the installation of fast charging stations are linked to their accessibility by all electric cars, a supercharger installation reserved just for Tesla in the US did not qualify for a government subsidy.

The lost war or just a battle?

This partial opening of the Tesla Supercharger network to all electric vehicles implies that the terminals must integrate a CCS port. This is currently not the case in the United States, where Tesla still exclusively uses its proprietary connector, the ” North American Charging Standard (NACS) »

And precisely, Tesla wanted to make his patented connector the standard across the Atlantic. The maker of the solar car Aptera notably followed the firm of Elon Musk. But it is the only one since all other electric cars use a CCS port. Tesla therefore, a priori, lost this battle, which would have allowed it to open its Superchargers to the whole world, without offering a CCS port. And therefore drastically limiting the use of Superchargers to competitors, while benefiting from the White House aid program.

The new rules specify that Final assembly of magazines, as well as all manufacturing of magazine cases containing iron or aluminum, must be done in the United States to be eligible for federal subsidies.

For Tesla, which makes Superchargers at the Buffalo plant in New York state (and in Shanghai for the rest of the world), this is therefore not the slightest problem. All the credits related to the installation of fast chargers in the US are estimated at around 7,000 million eurosand Tesla will now be able to claim part of it.

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