You can save your Snapchat llamas with your BFF

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Snapchat launches a feature to save your Snapchat llamas: if you miss a day, you can save your score with your best friends. The social network brings an experimental option to help users keep their flames alive. At the moment, the feature is only available in the United States and this backup will be limited to one free: for the others, you will have to pay.

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Snapchat llamas can be prone to big fights between friends. Breaking the day counter can even be considered a betrayal. Fortunately, Snapchat has the answer to that: a ” Restore» in the experimentation phase, which allows you to recover your score if you have lost it.

No more deleted snapchat flames

The way flames work on the social network is quite simple: if you exchange a ” break with a friend (you send one to him and he sends you one, either photo or video) every day a counter starts appearing next to your friend’s name. However, if you miss a single day, the flames disappear. Some users can reach hundreds of calls, but if they miss a single day, the counter resets to zero.

Experimental Snapchat Restore Tool // Source: Snapchat

as reportedEngadget, Snapchat is rolling out an experimental feature. If you lose your flames, you can click a “Restoreto collect the correct number of llamas.

How Snapchat wants to monetize its llamas

Where Snapchat is figuring out is that it will monetize its llamas. All users will be able to recover their flames for free once, but once this use is made, the free will end. In the United States, users will be able to purchase “Restoresfor 99 cents each.

Another way to monetize the app, the Snapchat+ subscription promotion, launched a few months ago. Available for 4 euros per month in France, it will be “will comeSnapchat catches fire for long periods. A useful function when you go on vacation, for example: you no longer necessarily have the reflex to sendsnapsand not necessarily a network.

Remember that within the European Union, the application is used by almost 100 million people every month.

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