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In a patent, Xiaomi describes a mobile terminal capable, thanks to an intelligent telephoto lens, of detecting lies based on eye movement.

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Xiaomi has a habit of releasing a lot of smartphones. High-end products often feature impressive photo and video innovations. So don’t be surprised if in the relatively near future you discover a Xiaomi smartphone that can detect lies.

This is the concept described by the company in a patent it has just been granted, reports the Chinese site ITHome. Said document does not confirm in any way that the brand will produce said device. Here, Xiaomi is simply trying to protect his idea if it ever comes to fruition.

The brand explains that the device in question would have a telephoto lens capable of automatically adjusting the viewing angle to correctly frame the face of the person in front of it. The smartphone’s camera could then analyze eye movements. Thanks to pre-established data, the system could then know if your interlocutor is lying or not.

For what uses?

The way students move can give away a liar or a liar. Unfortunately, since this is just a patent, many questions remain unanswered. What would be the interest of such a feature to the general public? The solution could be dedicated to law enforcement, who would then benefit from a portable lie detector.

However, since we cannot vouch for the reliability of the technology described in the patent, it is difficult to know whether such a device could actually be adopted by the police, for example, in the context of an interrogation. Also note that Xiaomi never explicitly mentions that it would be a smartphone. His document mentions a “polygraphy method” over a “mobile terminal and storage medium».

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