Xiaomi’s affordable smart doorbell (2K) is 20% off on Amazon

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Connected doorbells are convenient and reassuring. Xiaomi’s new reference is capable of filming in 2K and is trading today at a better price: 80.70 euros compared to 99.99 euros.

Connected doorbells are becoming more and more widespread. They let you know who’s knocking on your door, even when you’re away. With a built-in camera, these devices can act as a surveillance camera as they can detect movement. This is the case of the recent Mi Smart Doorbell 3 from Xiaomi that offers a 2K definition, just to discern the elements in front of the door of your house. Today, it becomes more accessible with this discount of 20 euros.

A few words about Mi Smart Doorbell 3

  • a discreet doorbell with chime included;
  • capable of recording in 2K+ night vision;
  • detect movements in real time.

With a launch price of 99.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Doorbell 3 connected doorbell is shown at a cheaper price on Amazon: 80.70 euros.

Screenshot of Xiaomi Mi Smart Doorbell 3 price history on Amazon // Source: Keepa.

An easy doorbell to install, but not to disassemble

Discreet and compact, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Doorbell 3 blends seamlessly into its environment. Working wirelessly, it is easily installed with a base. If someone tries to remove it, the doorbell will detect the action, sound an alarm, record a video, and send a notification to your phone.

And if some competitors do not include a doorbell, here Xiaomi integrates it directly with its doorbell. It is a small box to put inside, which is audible even in noisy environments. There are four different volume modes, and even a “Do Not Disturb” mode that simply turns off the ringer to stay silent. With a 5200 mAh battery, it is capable of lasting about five months depending on the brand and would need to be charged only 3 times a year. This result may vary depending on the temperature or the video taken. And thanks to its USB-C port, recharging is done quickly.

A sharp enough image

Xiaomi’s doorbell is capable of shooting in 2K to ensure a sharp and detailed image. It even offers a 107° field of view to provide comprehensive and wider surveillance. Thanks to 4 infrared lamps, Mi Smart Doorbell 3 can record after dark, losing a bit of quality.

And if the doorbell detects motion, it can distinguish people from pets and objects to avoid unnecessary notifications on your smartphone. You will be able to view your front door remotely via smartphone, anytime, anywhere. It will also be possible to communicate with the person. As for the videos, they can be stored for 3 days for free.

Which connected doorbell to choose?

If you are not convinced by the model that Xiaomi offers, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best connected doorbells in 2023 to make your choice.

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