Xiaomi’s 2K Pro surveillance camera is at its lowest price

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Xiaomi’s Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro keeps an eye on the inside of your home, without its presence being noticed thanks to its small size and without breaking the bank. It is only 39.99 euros compared to 59.99 euros.

Xiaomi Mi 360 ° 2K Pro Home Security Camera // Source: Official Site

With the design of Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro, Xiaomi resumes its philosophy of offering a complete product at a contained price. This camera is an affordable solution to protect your home, and even benefits from some interesting features such as motion detection or night vision. If your budget is limited, this model is ideal and costs 20 euros less at the moment.

What is Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro?

  • A camera easy to install
  • Capable of filming in 2K with 360° vision
  • And detect movements effectively

With a starting price of 59.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro surveillance camera is shown at 49.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website. Once in the basketbenefits from an additional discount of 10 euros and costs only 39.99 euros.

Price displayed once Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro is in the basket // Source: xiaomi.fr

A small and easy to install camera

Like any dedicated indoor surveillance camera, the Xiaomi Mi 360° 2K Pro Home Security Camera is all about discretion. With its white plastic cover and rounded shape, it hides well in your living space. Its motorized base can be placed directly on a piece of furniture, but it can also be installed on the wall or ceiling using the supplied fixings and screws.

To start it, you need to download the Mi Home application to configure it. Of course, Wi-Fi must be turned on and note that dual-band (2.4GHz/5Ghz) support is included. From there, you will be able to have a remote video feedback of what is happening at home, being able to even record the videos on a microSD previously inserted in the camera. It is also possible to go through the cloud, but you need a subscription.

Full features for the price

As for the surveillance camera, it offers a definition that reaches up to 2K, or 2,304 x 1,296 pixels. With such a resolution, images gain in detail, even when you zoom in on your subject. The results are good, and thanks to its 360° field of vision, it can cover as many perimeters as possible. Night vision has also been improved, compared to Mi Home Cam Security Camera 360°, for an even sharper and more detailed image, even in low light. Thanks to the integration of AI, the camera can detect movements and distinguishes false alarms well.

Through the app, it is also possible to view live video streaming from your phone. This product also features a two-way microphone, which will pick up ambient sounds without too much distortion, and a low-power speaker, which will reproduce sound correctly and sufficiently indoors. Finally, you should know that the camera fits perfectly into the Xiaomi ecosystem and offers to make the Bluetooth gateway with other brand objects. You can even display the video feedback on your smart display, for example.

To not miss anything

If you want to compare the Xiaomi camera with other references available on the market, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best connected indoor surveillance cameras in 2023.

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