Xiaomi should succeed where Tesla has repeatedly failed

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Lei Jun, the head of Xiaomi, finally gives official news about his electric car. The man specifies that production should start in the first half of 2024 and that tests are going well. Pretty good even, ahead of schedule. What upset Elon Musk.

Xiaomi’s electric car is eagerly awaited. The brand, well known in the world of technological products (smartphones, TVs, connected objects of all kinds, etc.) has already announced its desire to launch an electric car. But little official information had been shared in recent months. If we knew that Xiaomi’s electric car was going to be marketed in 2024, Lei Jun, its boss, brought new data on this subject.

Start of production early 2024

In fact, the release date must be respected. The CEO of the brand is even allowed to announce that development is ahead of initial schedule. The comments were made during a conference held in China and broadcast by local media. IT Home. In detail, we learn that ” Winter testing has been successfully completed and volume production is expected to begin in the first half of 2024.« .

Some observers then allow themselves to announce that Xiaomi’s electric car would be ahead. This is not really the case, as Xiaomi’s previously mentioned date to market was in fact 2024, with production starting in the first half of the year. But this new intervention by the head of Xiaomi reassures investors and potential customers. The electric car, at first glance, should not experience any delays, except in the case of a major industrial problem during series production..

Better than Elon Musk and Tesla?

And precisely, remember that Elon Musk has the habit of announcing sales dates for electric cars or Tesla options, without necessarily respecting them. We think of the Cybertruck and the Roadster that have been delayed several times, as well as 100% autonomous driving, planned since 2014 and not yet implemented.

But be careful not to give in to overconfidence. Volume production of a mass-produced electric car is a very complex exercise, as the production hell of the Tesla Model 3 has shown. However, Xiaomi should receive strong help from the Chinese government, which wants to become a world leader. of the electric ones. car. The manufacturer is building a factory capable of producing 300,000 cars a year. To compare with the 1.3 million sold by Tesla in 2022, the 911,000 units sold by BYD and… the 572,000 electric cars registered by Volkswagen last year.

At the moment, very few details about Xiaomi’s electric car have been leaked. It could be called MS11, be equipped with 100% autonomous driving thanks to a LiDAR. On the design side, some leaks occurred at the beginning of the year, authenticated by Xiaomi a few days later. This is what made it possible to create 3D renderings that illustrate this article. But the final design should still evolve by 2024. The car should be formalized later in 2023. Regarding the technical characteristics, it is rumored that it would reach a range of 1,000 km (in the Chinese CLTC cycle) thanks to CATL batteries. and BYD.

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