Xiaomi presents its Apple Glass, AR glasses full of promises

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At MWC 2023, Xiaomi presented augmented reality glasses that work wirelessly. With their Micro Oled screens and their latency from 3 to 50 ms, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glasses Discovery Edition are just a concept at the moment.

Source: Xiaomi

What if the trend of this MWC 2023 was on the side of AR glasses? After a conference organized on the sidelines of the event to introduce its Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi presented a soberly titled Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glasses Discovery Edition overnight. The goal is simple: to highlight the different possibilities of augmented reality devices, all wirelessly.

This is the first time that the brand has launched this type of product, capable of offering an adaptive screen at the level of the retina, which adjusts to the lighting environment. If that sounds a bit confusing in terms of functionality right now, Xiaomi promises a “hand tracking”to “support for a full range of applications for larger screens” and of course, “leading innovations in cross-device compatibility”.

Wireless connection to a smartphone

From what we understand, the device only works if it is connected to a smartphone using a “broadband connection developed by Xiaomi”. The brand promises low latency (less than 3ms) and a “full link” latency of 50ms.

On a technical level, they are based on the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chip and a 1200 nit Micro Oled screen. Small peculiarity, the brand promises a high-end screen “at the level of the retina”. Clearly, the ideal angular resolution or PPD (pixels per degree) so that the human eye is no longer bothered is supposed to be closer to 60. That of the Xiaomi glasses is 58, which looks good on paper.

Weighing in at 126g, these glasses are said to have been calibrated using “thousands of samples of head tracking data”. Xiaomi also integrates a solution called Xiaomi AR Gesture Control. Clearly, we should be able to navigate through the glasses interface using our hands, or even “joints”.

For now, it’s just a concept. No price or release date has been revealed.

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