Xbox’s affordable Pro controller is 20% off

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The Redmond company is designing a new high-end controller: the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core. It copies the main lines of the previous model, with features revised down for a softer price. It also goes from 129.99 euros to 99 euros.

Gamepads signed by Microsoft are known for their excellent ergonomics and compatibility with many media. The Elite Series 2 model is the best of Xbox, and if we were expecting a third version, the Redmond firm recently launched a variant of its controller: the Elite Series 2 Core. A controller that offers an experience close to the old model, with some concessions, and that has the merit of being cheaper today thanks to this reduction of 30 euros from its original price.

The core of Xbox Elite Series 2 in a nutshell

  • A stronger design
  • Customizable to suit your play style.
  • Compatible on various platforms

Launched at a price of €129.99, the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is available for sale at €99 on Cdiscount.

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Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core at the best price?

A similar look, with some new features.

At the start of the 2022 school year, Microsoft released a new controller: Elite Series 2 Core. Apart from the white color, it retains the design of the old model and pays special attention to ergonomics. Here, the manufacturer offers grippy rubberized handles for a better grip.

To easily spot the LT/RT triggers, they have been textured and also have a shorter trigger to ease the gaming experience. It is now possible to adjust the tension on the joysticks. This is done simply with a key supplied with the controller.

And less accessories

The difference between the two models is in the accessories provided. To reduce the bill, the Elite Series 2 Core controller only has a charging cable and the tool to adjust the sensitivity of the sticks. No more rear paddles, storage case, charging station, or interchangeable sticks.

The experience remains customizable as with Xbox Accessories, the player has access to different settings. The application is very useful and allows the user to choose between two forms of joysticks, for example. The same is true for the directional cross. The surface of these accessories is also made of non-slip rubber.

It is obviously possible to use it on Xbox One and Series consoles, but also on PC, smartphone, tablet or even on Nvidia Shield. As for its autonomy, the brand announces an autonomy of 40 hours. To recharge it, you can choose between the USB-C port or the base of the pack.

You can also check out our test on Xbox Elite Series 2 to find out more.

9 /10

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core

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