Xbox makes you travel (a bit) through space with its new controller

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Xbox introduced a new wireless controller on February 7, with the launch of the Stellar Shift edition. It shows blue and purple reflections, reminiscent of a nebula, to get lost in the immensity of space.

The Stellar Shift lever // Source: Xbox

Xbox has been marketing a collection of wireless controllers called “Change“. Until now, there were the Aqua Shift and Lunar Shift editions, respectively, to make you think of the ocean and the moon. This time, it’s time for space to appear on the Xbox controller, with the Stellar Shift edition.

A stellar design with blue and purple reflections.

As Xbox announced in a statement, this controller “shows reflections between blue and purple, giving a hypnotic sensation that reminds the depths of space“. However, it is not only the plastic case that changes color: the buttons are purple on a black background.

Stellar Shift Edition // Source: Xbox

In addition, the handles are rubberized and also decorated with a gradient of purple and black, like a cloud of stars. Also, each controller is a bit unique as the patterns are different for each model.

A starry wallpaper to unlock on Xbox

Xbox specifies that by connecting the Stellar Shift Edition controller to your Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Series X, you can unlock an exclusive background that recalls the controller’s designs and colors. To access it, you can go to the console settings, then to “General“, after “Personalization” and finally “my past».

The background of the Xbox Stellar Shift // Source: Xbox

The Stellar Shift special edition controller is already sold in resellers or on the Xbox site for 64.99 euros and can also be used on PC.

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