Xbox gets a pretty nifty new setup

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Microsoft is going to offer a new configuration on its Xbox consoles. It will allow gamers to find a better compromise between ease of use and energy saving.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X and Series S // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Every year, Microsoft has made a habit of taking stock of its commitments to the environment, particularly when it comes to its gaming branch. In 2019, the firm promised, for example, to work on the design of carbon-neutral consoles.

In 2023, the announced changes are more on the software side of the console, with efforts to both reduce impact and offer power savings.

Hours of activity to better manage consumption

Today, gamers can choose between two settings for their Xbox: hard off, which consumes 0.5 W, or sleep mode, which consumes 10 to 15 W. The latter allows the console to offer features such as remote playbackthe ability to activate the console and play remotely.

Microsoft announces a third option, an intermediary, which will allow you to regulate the hours of activity of the console.

If you choose to use sleep mode, you can now choose the active hours for your console. Your Xbox will start up faster and can be remotely activated during set times. When the stipulated time has passed, your console will turn off completely.

Active hours adjustment can be automated based on your habits on Xbox Series, while it will only be manual on Xbox One.

This feature can be tested for Insiders today before rolling out to everyone soon.

Change for Xbox Insiders

Microsoft is also announcing that, starting today, Xbox Series X and S Xbox Insider Program members will automatically be put into power off mode. This is a change to a default option that the user can change in the console settings.

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