Would you pay to access ChatGPT?

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ChatGPT is already beginning to be paid. The toy of the moment on the entire Web is gradually becoming a professional tool. But is it so interesting if you have to pay for it?

You could not miss ChatGPT, the new attraction of the web in 2023. This conversational robot based on artificial intelligence (a deep learning model) seems to have the answer to everything. So much so that it scares Google, that it fears for its search engine and that Microsoft wants to integrate it with Bing (its own search engine) to improve its results. A real war is unfolding before our eyes, and its outcome may well define how we will use the web in a few years.

Until then, ChatGPT especially entertain the gallery. Some obviously use it to effortlessly produce shoddy content and get rich along the way, students cheat in class and mud gates have fun giving life to video game characters. Chances are you used it to test its limits and get it to create content. And, you are right to take advantage of it as long as it is free…

ChatGPT becomes paid

You may have seen it happen this week, ChatGPT is launching a paid subscription. This allows for priority access to the service during peak periods, faster responses, and previews of new features. Its price ? $42 a month!

Such a price is certainly not trivial for everyone on a budget, especially in this end-of-abundance period. However, it is a very powerful tool (although still limited in many aspects), which represents for some the future of computing… Can we really miss it? On the other hand, it is a simple chatbot, without any frills or advanced features, it still lacks reliability, cannot crawl the web, and does not consider any information after 2021. So why pay for it?

Therefore, it is your opinion about ChatGPT that we are interested in this week. Would you use it if a paid subscription was required?


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