With this offer, you can afford a 58-inch 4K TV for just €400

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In the TV market, TCL is a brand known for charging aggressive prices without offering cardboard tiles. The Chinese manufacturer manages to get it right by flooding the Smart TV market, largely with entry-level and mid-range models, and by providing every potential buyer with a well-made, versatile TV. Like this 58-inch model, whose price temporarily drops from 499 euros to 384 euros.

We often hear about TCL C-series TVs, which include mid-range models and integrate a QLED panel, but less about the P-series, which corresponds to the entry level. For P-series TVs, compromises are made on screen quality and you have to settle for an LED panel, but the price is very good for a Smart TV of this size. At the moment, the TCL 58P635 television enjoys a total discount of 115 euros.

The TCL 58P635 TV in some points

  • An HDR-compatible 4K panel
  • Access to many applications thanks to Google TV
  • Three HDMI 2.1 ports for gaming

Instead of the usual €499, the TCL 58P635 is now shown on sale at €399 via the Boulanger store on the Rakuten site, but using the promo code RAKUTEN15 the price drops to 384 euros. The offer is only valid today.

A 4K TV at a good price

The TCL 58P635 offers a 58-inch or 146 cm diagonal panel with an LED screen and 4K definition (3840 x 2160 pixels). The TV is compatible with HDR (high dynamic range) that improves the quality of your image by increasing brightness, detail, and color saturation. Thus, you will be able to enjoy impressive images, but it is a pity that the refresh rate does not exceed 50 Hz. As mentioned above, you have to make concessions for this price.

The audio part is supported by two 10 W RMS speakers each using Dolby Audio technology. This gives you clear and dynamic 7.1 surround sound and automatically adjusts the volume of your TV according to the sound environment in the room. You can always enhance your sound experience by connecting a sound bar to the TV’s optical output or HDMI ARC port.

A versatile Smart TV

This TCL TV is a Smart TV that uses Google TV software, which means you can surf the Internet and access many apps from the Play Store such as streaming platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc. The TCL 58P635 is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control your TV by voice, whether it’s recording a show, changing channels or controlling the volume.

Thanks to its three HDMI 2.1 ports, this panel is also suitable for gaming. You can connect your next-generation console and enjoy 4K gaming, but don’t count on ultra-smoothness due to the frames per second limited to 50 Hz. With ALLM technology (Low latency auto mode), at least you can count on a low screen response time. Finally, although its energy consumption is classified as E (65 kW/1000 h), this TV consumes much less energy than competing models, thanks to its LED technology.

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