With this new bonus, the online bank BforBank is very generous before spring

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To attract new customers, the online bank BforBank offers a welcome bonus of 130 euros for opening an account. A good sum just before the arrival of spring and sunny days.

In an attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract new customers, online banks often offer welcome bonuses that are accessible with the simple opening of an account. Convenient to rescue the coffers a bit, especially in the midst of inflation. This is the case of BforBank, which currently offers up to 130 euros for opening a bank account and a savings account.

The advantages of an account with BforBank

  • Free account maintenance
  • a visa card
  • No residency requirement

Until April 4, 2023, opening an account and a savings account at BforBank allows you to benefit from a bonus of up to 130 euros. First of all, 80 euros will be credited to the bank account as soon as the bank card is activated, then an additional 50 euros will be given to the savings account within 60 days after the activation of this bank card.

An online bank that is now aimed at the general public

Originally, BforBank was an online bank aimed more at a wealthy audience. From now on, it strives to also address the general public by offering more accessible offers. Opening an account at BforBank also entitles you to several benefits. First of all, it is possible to benefit from a free checkbook. Visa Classic and Visa Premier cards are also free, subject to three payments per quarter. Otherwise, 6 euros per quarter will be charged for the Clásico and 9 euros per quarter for the Premier. Having a Visa also allows you to benefit from insurance and assistance guarantees.

For the rest, online banking offers several very practical functions through its application or from its site. For example, in case of a doubtful online payment, you can temporarily block your bank card. You can also change your withdrawal and payment limits in real time, or make mobile payments with Apple Pay. On the other hand, and this is what differentiates BforBank from its competitors: it is necessary to justify a level of income of at least 1,200 euros net per month to open an account with BforBank. Finally, keep in mind that maintaining the account will be completely free.

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The conditions to benefit from the bonus of 130 euros

To benefit from the BforBank offer, you must first, before April 4, 2023, open an individual or joint bank account, with a bank card, as well as an individual or joint savings account, in which an initial payment must be made minimum of 100 euros. to be made. After that, 80 euros will be credited to your bank account within 15 days of activating your credit card. Thereafter, you will be entitled to an additional 50 euros, which this time will be credited to your savings account within 60 days of activating the credit card linked to the bank account.

New customers who have benefited from the offer must also keep their account and savings account open for at least one year from opening. Otherwise, BforBank may recover premium amounts paid by debiting them directly from your account.

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