With this ingenious AI, Porsche wants you to discover the most beautiful roads in the world

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When some electric car owners dreamed of having a trip planner worthy of the name, which would allow them to visualize their trip with charging stations and the percentage and/or mileage remaining at the end, at Porsche, expectations are obviously all the same. the rest. AI is at the heart of the Roads app that takes Porsche owners (and others!) on the road trip of their choice along the world’s most beautiful roads.

While the Porsche Charging Planner trip planner is already installed in all electric Porsches (the Taycan family and soon the Macan EV), which notably enables intelligent charging planning while traveling and maintaining autonomy desired when it arrives, here comes the arrival of the Roads application. The goal ? Discover the most beautiful roads around you for a road trip day in your beautiful German.

The Roads by Porsche app isn’t actually new, it dates back to 2019. It’s just got a major update, notably with what the German automaker calls a “scenic route generator.”

AI based update

With this new version of the app available only for iPhone, the algorithm is less concerned with finding a route between point A and point B than with giving the driver a good time behind the wheel by revealing roads with magnificent scenery.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, each driver will find his account, depending on whether he prefers to have a winding route or a faster one. See beautiful scenery or focus on the road. Thus, various parameters are taken into account, the topography, the curves of the road or the characteristics of the landscape. Without forgetting the points of interest. In addition, Porsche also allows you to choose the time of your route, from 30 to 180 minutes, and the direction you want to go from your starting point, North, South, East or West.

So many possibilities that allow the integrated navigation to generate routes that will be imprinted in the driver’s head and allow them to enjoy their Porsche to the fullest. At least that’s what the brand expects.

Available to everyone… or almost!

The good news is that this Roads by Porsche app is available to everyone. Already for all Porsches, whether you drive a first or latest generation Boxster, a 911 GT3 RS or of course an electric Porsche. But also for other motorists who are out of luck, or just don’t want to drive in cars that leave the factory in Zuffenhausen.

On the other hand, Porsche is still Porsche, the app is only available to those who “drive” on an iPhone. Understand only in the App Store. And this despite the fact that Android Auto has integrated the brand’s vehicles in 2021 with the 6th generation PCM (Porsche Communication Management). And that there is even talk of a switch to Android for Porsche soon!

For those who can, therefore, once the application has been downloaded and the route has been generated according to your options, you do not need to follow it only on your smartphone, but you can of course send it to your infotainment display via Apple CarPlay. Which is possible in a Porsche, or in any car with Apple Car Play.

Share with your community

Also, if you liked your route, you can save it in the app to find it later. It is also possible to rate it and even share it with the community that also uses the app. And Porsche adds that there are already some 180,000 users who have already generated scenic routes through their homes or vacation spots.

Roads by Porsche app // Source: Porsche

Also, if you already want to know what it is about, a website allows you to discover the application. You can enter where you want to take your road trip from, but also navigate a number of existing routes.

The electric Porsche launch schedule

When thinking of Porsche, one doesn’t necessarily immediately think of electric models. What’s more, we barely say that the Taycan exists, in sedan and station wagon, but little else. However, a quick search on the Stuttgart firm’s configurator reveals no less than 14 different zero-emission cars. And the family will continue to grow!

Already at the body level, we must distinguish the “very short” Taycan, the sedan, from the family Sport Turismo. Which also differs from the Cross Turismo family version and its adventurous attributes. All this multiplied by different versions of batteries, autonomy and performance (4S, GTS, Turbo, Turbo S), and you get a much wider range of electric models than with most general manufacturers!

porsche taycan
porsche taycan

And the rest is prepared with the restyling of this Porsche Taycan range that we should discover from this year 2023 and that we will see rolling on the roads in 2024. Not to mention the new 100% electric Macan that plays hide-and-seek for a while now with the photographers. Based on the PPE platform, its commercial launch is also expected this year.

There is also much talk about the electric Porsche Boxster, a model that was confirmed by the brand’s CEO, Oliver Blume, in March 2022, and whose tests have already begun. But its arrival on our roads is not expected before 2025.

As for the 100% electric Porsche 911, nothing seems to be finalized at the moment. We know that to comply with the increasingly drastic regulations on emissions, the German manufacturer will have to electricize its icon. But from there to switch to the electric ones alone, nothing less safe, in particular so as not to penalize the weight of the athlete. Will the future of the “neun-elf” then pass through synthetic fuels? Impossible…

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