With its store for refurbished smartphones Easy Cash allows you to make great savings on the iPhone 14

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Easy Cash doesn’t just buy your old products: the brand also sells many refurbished devices. This is already the case with the recent iPhone 14 which, in addition to being in excellent condition, is priced lower than a new smartphone.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

The second-hand market has become essential to consume in a more ethical and economical way. A trend embraced by Easy Cash, which offers many refurbished products, including smartphones.

High-end phones, in addition, since the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max and 14 Plus are part of the brand’s catalog. Thus, the user can enjoy a very recent device for a fraction of the original price. All this giving a second life to a product in very good condition.

What is the status of Easy Cash refurbished products?

The term “reformed” may sound scary. He suggests that a refurbished smartphone, since it’s already had a first life, is more of a nest of trouble than a bargain. This is no longer the case and this is what Easy Cash wants to demonstrate with its catalog of refurbished smartphones.

The Easy Cash iPhone catalog // Source: Easy Cash

The brand submits all its mobiles to a control of 20 points: battery, screen, button operation, data erasure, etc. Tests that then allow Easy Cash to offer smartphones in two states, the highest available, namely:

  • in perfect state : products in very good condition, without visible signs of use and with all their original accessories;
  • good condition : products in good condition, with some visible signs of use and with all their original accessories.

The main obstacle to buying a refurbished device often comes from the autonomy of the phone. Easy Cash ensures that the battery of the devices can support at least 80% of the initial charge. If not, the battery is replaced.

Of course, before delivery, Easy Cash prepares and packs the refurbished smartphones. The user is guaranteed to have an unlocked device, without any data from the previous owner. It also takes advantage of all the accessories, namely charger, cable, headphones, if these are originally present with the phone. Finally, each device is guaranteed for 1 year by Easy Cash.

The iPhone 14, the good example

Easy Cash dedicates its experience to all ranges of smartphones. The French brand even offers very high-end phones, recently launched, such as the iPhone 14 range.

This iPhone 14 is thus sold for 799.99 euros in its white 128 GB reconditioned version. And this in a state classified “Perfect”. Which means there are no visible scratches on the screen or the back, and no noticeable bumps on the edges or corners. A phone in very good aesthetic and technical condition that allows a saving of 219.01 euros compared to a new model.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

A blessing, especially since the iPhone 14 presents itself as an excellent smartphone. Apple has taken advantage of this new generation to improve the formula launched by the iPhone 13. At the level of autonomy to begin with. The iPhone 14 has a 12.68 Wh battery, so it can last a full day of heavy use.

The photographic dimension has also improved, with the arrival of a main lens aperture at f/1.5. A change that makes night mode more effective for capturing low-light scenes. The selfie camera now has an autofocus mode, which takes care of developing only.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

Otherwise, the iPhone 14 is decked out in a gorgeous design with a glossy glass back, encased in a rectangular frame with square aluminum edges and rounded corners. The 6.1-inch OLED screen is also well calibrated, both in terms of contrast and brightness. As for the processor, it is the high-performance A15 Bionic hexa-core chip with a 5-core GPU. The performances are at the appointment whatever the use.

Why turn to Easy Cash?

In addition to being able to count on 20 years of experience in the recovery of technological products, Easy Cash has an important advantage over other smartphone recovery services: a network of physical stores.

In fact, the brand can count on 120 stores spread across France to advise users. Customers can also choose to pick up their refurbished smartphone directly from the store, saving themselves the anxiety and waiting for delivery.

The stores are also a good way to resell technological products that are sleeping in the closets, accompanied in the process by an expert. This will establish a complete diagnosis of the device before proposing a price according to its condition. If accepted, the customer recovers the amount in cash.

Obviously, it is also possible to go to the Easy Cash site to free up your drawers from your old devices. A prepaid label is made available to send a product to an Easy Cash store by mail. After its analysis by experts and its acceptance, a bank transfer is made with the amount of the recovery.

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