With ChatGPT, electric cars will soon be able to do without touch screens

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The American group General Motors plans to implement the artificial intelligence software ChatGPT in its cars. Thus, it would take the form of a particularly advanced virtual assistant. Then we could also benefit from it in Europe.

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Surely you have already heard about ChatGPT, this tool now available to everyone that is based on artificial intelligence (AI) to generate texts on all possible and imaginable topics. Inevitably, this advanced technology is becoming very interesting to car manufacturers, while AI is increasingly present in the latest models. We think in particular of Mercedes, which recently gave some details about its future embedded system MB.OS that will replace MBUX.

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But another manufacturer is also investigating the subject, to make its cars even more technological and practical. This is General Motors, which plans to make its great return in Europe with 100% electric models. The US group, which recently announced new features for its Ultra Cruise autonomous driving system, is a firm believer in AI.

As the site explains semafor.com, the company wants to integrate it into its cars for the next few years. Indeed, and if we will have to wait to find out all the details, the group works in particular on the development ofan artificial intelligence-based personal assistant. To do this, he had to use the Azure cloud computing service developed by Microsoft.

electric hummer gmc
electric hummer gmc

It is the latter that has the exclusive rights to host OpenAI technologies, such as ChatGPT or the DALL·E image generator, very popular on social networks. It is also the company behind the Bing browser chatbot. While details have not been announced, Scott Miller, vice president in charge of software defined vehicle at GM confirms that theThe group is developing its own virtual assistant.

As a reminder, a software defined vehicle (or SDV) is characterized by massive use of embedded technologies. So much so that these cars are designed on a dedicated platform. This will be the case in particular for the future novelty developed by Renault, whose launch is scheduled for 2026. Kia and Hyundai are also working on the subject, as well as the General Motors group.

More than an assistant

This new assistant that will be developed by the manufacturer, which in particular owns GMC, Cadillac or even Chevrolet and Buick, should offer very advanced functionalities. Like those already offered in today’s cars, in BMW or Mercedes, for example, it will play the role of voice assistant for basic tasks. But it will go even further.

In fact, if the driver realizes they have a flat tire, they can ask artificial intelligence to explain how to change it. Thus, a tutorial video can be automatically started on the car screen. It will also be possible ask the car what a light on the dashboard meansin order to know if it is necessary to stop immediately or if it is possible to continue your route.

Thus, the system developed by General Motors, which recently partnered with Netflix to promote its electric cars, will be even more advanced than ChatGPT. This will be possible thanks the addition of a “layer” designed for automotive use about the technology developed by OpenAI. GM should enjoy some advantage over its rivals with this system.

With ChatGPT we imagine that the voice assistants of electric cars will be much more efficient than the current ones. They often have trouble understanding the applications and their opportunities are very limited. They never take into account the context of a request, for example, to create a multi-step request.

like the reminder electric, the group has already collaborated with Microsoft as part of the development of its autonomous driving. Super Cruise is currently the second most efficient system in the world, behind Ford’s BlueCruise, while Tesla’s Autopilot trails behind, down a few small details. Elon Musk’s firm is also far behind when it comes to virtual assistance in its cars. But for now, General Motors has not yet announced a date for the arrival of its system.

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