Windows 12 would be the first operating system with AI

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We know that Microsoft likes artificial intelligence. The company would like to make Windows 12 its AI-driven system.

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AI is on the rise in technology, and not just a little. The giants have embarked on a race to be the first to offer concrete uses for the general public.

While the panic seizes Google over the issue, Microsoft has decided to open its checkbook to invest without counting. In addition to web services, Windows 12 would also be affected by this strategy.

2024: Year of AI at Microsoft

are the means WindowsLast who thinks he understands it thanks to sources close to the development team. Windows 12 is reportedly already in development, with an expected release in 2024.

Among the big news, Microsoft would like to integrate AI features into system apps like Microsoft Photos, Mail, Clock, etc.

This is not a new direction for Windows. Already with the Windows 11 2022 update, Microsoft emphasized AI elements like creating a blur in the background of your webcam.

The firm also welcomed the integration of dedicated AI components into new AMD, Intel and Qualcomm chips. On this occasion, Panos Panay, who leads the development of Windows and Surface at Microsoft, said: “ AI will reinvent the way you do everything in Windows, literally ».

It could also allow Microsoft to justify a new minimum level of features for its system and thus drive new PC sales.

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