Windows 12 is in the news again, thanks Intel

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New details about Windows 12 have leaked, courtesy of Intel. The processor maker is working on a desktop PC platform called Meteor Lake. It reportedly mentioned Windows 12 support internally for its processors.

Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

While Windows 11 continues with its updates, with changes that focus on artificial intelligence and accessibility, Windows 12 is just beginning to be mentioned. This time the filter @hoja_hobby Hardware specialist Twitter revealed details of future Intel processors, which would mention support for Windows 12. Neither Intel nor Microsoft commented on the leak.

Intel’s Meteor Lake Platform: Future Desktop PC Processors

He filter which also calls itself TLC, revealed in a tweet (already deleted) that this new platform on which the brand’s future processors would be based will have 20 PCIe Gen 5 ports. VideoCardz that he was able to see the tweet in question in time. Of these 20 ports, 16 would be dedicated to the GPU and 4 to storage. Currently, platforms released by Intel are limited to a total of 16 lanes.

Source: Intel

Meteor Lake is expected early next year. But the main information that we keep is mainly the support for Windows 12, mentioned in the documents that leaf_hobby could have consulted.

What we know about Windows 12: Focus on AI

According to reports, this new version of Microsoft’s operating system is scheduled for 2024, which is not that long. Microsoft would be based on a cycle of a new version every three years. With Windows 11 launching in 2021, that makes sense. The code name of this operating system would be ” next valley “An intern.

The most notable change coming to Windows 12 would be the deeper integration of AI-powered features. It would interfere with system applications: Photos, Mail, Clock, etc. We know that Microsoft is heavily involved in AI, whether it’s with its conversational Bing, its billions of dollars invested in the field, or the addition of intelligent features in the Office suite.

Bing integration with AI in Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Plus, Microsoft consumer marketing manager Yusuf Mehdi fully takes it on board in a recent interview with the edge : « As we start developing future versions of Windows, we’ll think about other places where AI should play a natural role in terms of the experience. ».

To achieve this, the firm will have to work closely with chipmakers, such as Intel or AMD. They will have to jointly develop dedicated AI chips in the machines to generate dedicated computing power. The platform mentioned in the leak could be used for this, which would explain why we’re hearing about Windows 12.

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