Windows 11 is willing to get ugly so as not to install it on a PC that is too old

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Had you forced the installation of Windows 11 on an unsupported machine by “cheating a bit”? Microsoft may well remind you that your setup is officially too old to support your operating system.

Windows 11 could soon display a watermark on settings that are too old // Source: Microsoft

«System requirements are not met“. If you force-installed Windows 11 on a machine that was too old and didn’t meet Microsoft’s minimum system requirements, this is the message you might soon read as a watermark ( filigree ) embedded at the bottom right of your screen. In any case, this is what the specialized site noticed. Windows lateston an “ineligible” PC on which Windows 11 has nevertheless been installed.

Based on a 6th generation Intel Core i3 processor, the device used for the demonstration correctly powers Windows 11, but without respecting the normally required settings (absence of TPM 2.0, in particular). However, since its approval in the January 2023 update, this PC shows the aforementioned watermark, without any other form of proof.

Is Microsoft not a very fair game?

As noted Windows latest , Microsoft obviously has no intention of rolling back major security updates for “officially” unsupported devices, but this (quite petty and annoying, let’s face it) visual limitation would still be allowed on too old Windows 11 22H2 machines. The idea? Stupidly encouraging affected users to upgrade to a fully Windows 11 compatible model…even if theirs works perfectly.

The watermark in question // Source: Windows Latest

The fact is that, for the moment, this filigree it only gets attached to some unlucky users. Microsoft seems to be testing it through its update.”January 2023 Patch Tuesday Update“. Finally, note that some testimonials transmitted byWindows latestsuggest that the message would also appear on certain machines purchased in 2021, with Windows 11 pre-installed. So Microsoft may not have fine-tuned its watermark distribution yet.

Anyway, this “novelty” had already been tested by Microsoft last year. Now it looks like it’s slowly moving towards full-scale implementation. Unless Microsoft changes its mind… which probably wouldn’t bother anyone.

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