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A possible prototype of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would have been seen at CES around the Samsung conference. A photo shows it next to a Galaxy Z Fold 4, showing the significant change in dimensions.

The folding of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, by way of illustration
The folding of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, by way of illustration // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

For a few days it has been rumored that Samsung is finally giving way to the teardrop-shaped hinge on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. The idea is simple: allow the internal screen to close completely and no longer leave space.

Just two days after this first leak, a photo surfaced in a post on the Korean blog Naver. According to its author, the snapshot was taken during CES 2023, around the Samsung conference. It is supposed to represent a Galaxy Z Fold 4 on the left and a prototype of a Galaxy Z Fold 5 on the right.

The disorder would change completely

Before we even describe what we see there, let’s ask ourselves this: the fact that it may be a prototype still leaves room for development. But from what we see we can see two things about the hinge: the possibility of completely closing the device seems to be confirmed and its format could change.

Also, the term “Flex S” can be seen in the background, suggesting that the photo was taken at the Samsung Display booth. However, the screen-related division of Samsung supplies many smartphone manufacturers and offers different concepts that can be taken up and improved by manufacturers. If Samsung Display features a slim curve on one of its prototypes, that doesn’t necessarily mean Samsung Electronics will adopt it for the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Smartphones are always about compromises. Galaxy Fold-style folders, with their high prices and very professional finish, are no exception. And if the solution that Samsung seems to have chosen would make it possible to erase the space between the two parts of the screen once it is closed, we can still see that most of the phone would take the lead: the smartphone looks much wider. Perhaps the hinge has nothing to do with it and is rather Samsung’s desire to change its screen format for a better experience.

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