why this beetle hints at the next headphone launch

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On Twitter, Nothing posted a photo of a beetle to replace a ladybug. An enigmatic message indicating that the Nada (1) ear will soon be replaced.

Nothing Ear 1 Headphones
Nothing Ear 1 headphones // Source: Frandroid

While Nothing may launch a first Bluetooth speaker soon and the manufacturer has confirmed that it is working on a high-end smartphone, it has no intention of ditching wireless headphones.

After Nothing ear (1) and Nothing ear (Stick), the British manufacturer, founded by former OnePlus leader Carl Pei, is now working on the successors to its in-ear headphones, Nothing ear (2). At the end of January, the site Smart Prix had been able, in collaboration with the leaker OnLeaks, to publish the first images of these future wireless headphones. Now, there are several advances from the manufacturer itself that suggest an upcoming announcement.

According to the site android authorityNada posted an enigmatic message on Twitter, with the image of a beetle.

🐞 outside, 🪲 inside. pic.twitter.com/9XfYz74kLK

– Nothing nothing) March 2, 2023

The ladybug associated with the ear Nada (1)

The text of the message, “🐞 outside, 🪲 insidesuggests that the time is no longer for the ladybug, but for the beetle. However, the ladybug is not an animal completely alien to Nothing. It was with this bug that the manufacturer announced its first pair of wireless headphones, the Nothing ear (1), in January 2021.

The Ear Toss Image Nothing (1)
L’image de lancement des Nothing ear (1) // Source : Nothing

Knowing this, the tweet published by the manufacturer leaves little to the imagination. If the beetle arrives to replace the ladybug, it’s because the release of a new pair of headphones to succeed the Nada (1) ear is near. In fact, Nothing released its Nothing ear (Stick) last year, but it’s a different format headphone, with no in-ear tips or active noise reduction.

The Nothing (2) ear could be presented as early as next month. We already know that the manufacturer is preparing an announcement for the month of March, as confirmed by its founder, Carl Pei. It remains to be seen whether it will be these wireless headphones, the Bluetooth speaker, or the two devices launched simultaneously to make a splash in the consumer audio market.

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