Why the new Nokia logo is not for you

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It should be noted that Nokia hasn’t actually changed its logo, at least not to us.

The new Nokia logo

The former leader of telephony is no longer the group of yesteryear. For several years, Nokia has been dismantled.

There was the acquisition of Nokia Mobile OY by Microsoft. Now Nokia’s most popular products, phones, are marketed by HMD Global, a multi-national company. This company is Finnish (Nokia Corporation), Taiwanese (Foxconn), French (Jean-François Baril) or even American (Google and Qualcomm). Is it the true descendant of the famous brand? Not really.

In fact, Nokia is still a Finnish group specialized in telecommunications. Its “networks” activity consists of deploying antennas and infrastructures for network management. They are a key player in the deployment of 5G. Keep in mind that the Nokia brand is everywhere, not just through these two companies, the Austrian StreamView also has the brand license to sell TVs. As well as laptops, with the brand license recovered by a French company.

The history of the Nokia logo

In short, the Nokia telecommunications group no longer wants to be simply associated and confused with the production of mobile phones, but to be recognized for its expertise in communication networks and connectivity. So they unveiled a new logo with a whole new visual identity.

You will not see this logo on Nokia smartphones

HMD Global will continue to use the old logo

Nokia’s history in the mobile phone industry continues to be a reference for many consumers and fans of the brand. Therefore, HMD Global will continue to use the old logo. They also announced new products at MWC, including a basic repairable smartphone with the old logo.

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