Why the increase in the price of electricity is higher than the 15% announced

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The price of electricity increases this February 1, 2023 by 15% in France for more than 20 million homes, one month after a similar rise in the price of gas. But is it really 15%? We have checked!

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It is no longer a price increase that will go unnoticed as it affects 20 million French households as well as several hundred thousand businesses. The increase in the price of electricity (regulated rates) is 15%, as provided by the Government within the framework of the energy tariff shield. This 15% increase seems high, but it is well below the actual increase for electricity. Without the energy shield, it would have been necessary to have an increase of 35 to 100% in electricity rates.

The increase applies to the 3 offers, the basic one, the HP/HC offer and the EDF Tempo offer. This refers to regulated tariffs, so it is important to check the details of your current electricity subscription according to your offer and your operator.

Know that just under half of French households are in peak/off-peak hours, according to EDF. The Tempo option is, for its part, little used, we are talking about tens of thousands of homes out of 20 million.

Increase in kWh rates

We compare the kWh price increase on each offer before and after February 1, 2023. As you can see, the rates increase more than 15% on the basic offer, but also on the HP/HC Full Hour offer.

Before February 1 (€/kWh) As of February 1 (€/kWh) Evolution
basic option 0.174 0.2062 +18.5%
HP optional 0.1841 0.2228 +21%
HC option 0.147 0.1615 +9.8%
HP blue rate option 0.1272 0.1249 – 1.8%
HC blue rate option 0.0862 0.097 +12.5%
HP White Rate Option 0.1653 0.1508 – 8.77%
White rate option HC 0.1112 0.114 +2.5%
HP Red Fee Option 0.5486 0.6712 +22.3%
HC red rate option 0.1222 0.1216 – 0.49%

This can be disappointing, as the most popular deals are subject to price increases of more than the advertised 15%.

Increase in subscription prices

Regarding the cost of subscriptions, the price increase is well below 15%, it is around 5% depending on the subscriptions.

basic offer

A B. C. D.
Power “Before February 1
basic offer
€ VAT included /month”
“After February 1
basic offer
€ VAT included /month”
3 €8.65 €9.13 5.55%
6 €11.36 €11.93 5.02%
9 €14.18 €14.86 4.80%
12 €17.02 €17.88 5.05%
fifteen €19.71 €20.71 5.07%
18 €22.66 €23.67 4.46%
24 €28.52 €29.82 4.56%
30 €34.22 €35.83 4.70%
36 €40.05 €41.71 4.14%

Rush hour/off-peak offer

A B. C. D.
Power (kVA) before February 1
HC/HP offer
€ VAT included /month”
After February 1
HC/HP offer
€ taxes included /month
6 €11.84 €12.35 4.31%
9 €15.26 €15.84 3.80%
12 €18.67 €19.34 3.59%
fifteen €21.81 €22.50 3.16%
18 €24.42 €25.21 3.24%
24 €30.74 €31.69 3.09%
30 €36.54 €37.68 3.12%
36 €41.26 €42.42 2.81%

Where is the 15% increase?

As you can see, the price increase is more than 15%. Compared to your usage, your electricity bill could increase by more than 15%.

This is explained by the fact that EDF has increased its rates by an average of 15%, but the increments differ depending on subscriptions and options. Some rates are even lower, this is the case with the offer Tempo d’EDF.

Be careful with this option, in fact electricity is cheaper than with the regulated rate most days of the year. However, for 22 days, the price is exorbitant. As with HC/HP offers, calculations will need to be made based on your past usage. But here it is more difficult, since the 22 annual red days are not known in advance. They are announced two days before their installation, and can last five days in a row, in the middle of winter! We explain how to choose the most interesting offer according to your needs.

If you have an electric car, we have calculated the impact of these increases on home charging.

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