Why Mercedes supports this new Chinese electric SUV produced by Tesla’s competition

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Denza, the high-end division of the BYD manufacturer that has just arrived in Europe announces the launch of a new model. It is a large electric SUV located halfway between the Tesla Model Y and the Model X and that shows a quite dynamic style. An arrival in Europe should not be excluded, while the brand is partly financed by Mercedes.

Have you ever heard of Denza? To tell you the truth, chances are high that you don’t, and that’s normal. In fact, it is a young brand created in 2012, the result of the alliance between BYD and Mercedes. But things did not go according to plan and the star builder decided in 2021 leave 90% of the control to your partner. However, the two brands continue to collaborate to develop a large, high-end electric van called the Denza D9 MPV.

A first teaser

With BYD almost alone at the helm, Denza continues to expand its range. Thus, he has just revealed on Weibo and on his website a series of official photos of his second electric car, known as the Denza N7. If this is a first preview for now, the manufacturer shows us the car from almost all its angles. The opportunity to discover the design of this SUV with quite sporty lines.

At the front we notice a facies that has absolutely nothing to do with the BYD models, whose Atto 3, Han and Tang have just arrived in Europe. Inspired by the Inception concept presented in August 2022 and whose name is identical to the one presented by Peugeot at the end of last year, this newcomer to the range sports a very recognizable front end. Indeed, the solid grid is surrounded by two light elementsthat are positioned under more conventional optics.

An aluminum-colored shield completes the set, giving a sporty air to this SUV that still seems to show a fairly low ground clearance according to the images. If some mentioned a strong resemblance between the concept and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, as the site points out Chinese car news, this is no longer the case at all. In profile, this newcomer shows a sporty line, completed by a small roof spoiler.

We also note the presence of what looks like a charging socket on each side of the car. Will it adopt technology developed by General Motors since last year and detailed in a patent? Nothing is less true today. Perhaps this just heralds a rechargeable hybrid versionwhile the Chinese site mentions this possibility.

Without ecological bonus

For now, Denza does not give any information about the technical characteristics of his large SUV, which should be between the Tesla Model Y and the Model X in terms of size. In fact, if the exact length has not been confirmed, lThe Inception concept measures 4.90 meters for a wheelbase of 2.90 meters. Thus, the space on board should be generous, although no image has been revealed.

According CNEVPostfive people should be able to take place on board the SUV, whilea second model, the Denza N8 It will see the light of day a little later and could accommodate up to seven people. The driving position should remain close to that of the concept, with its touch screen and large digital terminal. But we will still have to wait before having confirmation from the manufacturer.

It is rumored that the doors can be opened thanks to a sensor installed in them, capable of analyzing faces, a bit like the Face ID of the iPhone that Continental wants to launch in cars. Also note the presence of a LiDAR sensor in the front bumper, which suggests that the SUV will be equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving, like the Nio EC7, Volvo EX90 and other Mercedes EQS. Car news that China evokes From 0 to 100 km/h in three secondswithout giving more details.

The new Denza N7 is expected to hit the Chinese market later this year with an entrance ticket displayed starting at 400,000 yuan, or approximately 54,473 euros. However, if an arrival in Europe is not planned, this cannot be ruled out, while BYD is already marketing some models here. You will have to expect a much higher price than the one displayed in the Middle Kingdom, which would deprive you of ecological bonuses. Anyway, the government plans to restrict it to only cars produced in the Old Continent.

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