Why is Orange a pioneer in France?

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In 2022, Orange was the main fixed and mobile operator. And it’s not for nothing. From the network infrastructure to customer service, the operator multiplies the good points and offers an almost irreproachable service.

If you’re not already on Orange for your internet box or mobile plan, 2023 is an opportunity to change your tune. In 2022, various research organizations such as Arcep or Nperf found that the French incumbent was performing better than its competitors on many points. Better than average customer service, a broader deployment of the mobile network and even more efficient Wi-Fi are many of Orange’s strengths when it comes to offering a comprehensive and high-quality service.

The best mobile network in the territory

If you’ve ever complained about your Internet connection on the way to vacation, it’s probably because you’ve been through the “white zone”, those parts of France where network coverage is almost nil.

To avoid having to deal with that as much as possible, Arcep, an independent research body, ranks each year the operators that offer the best average speed in all of metropolitan France.

Orange’s mobile network thus prevails this year with a download speed (the amount of data you can receive on average on your smartphone) of 143 Mbit/s throughout the metropolis and 217 Mbit/s in dense areas. A figure well above the average of all market players, which is 94 Mbits/s. With such speed, you will have no problem making the most of your smartphone’s capabilities, such as web browsing or online gaming.

Orange covers more than 99% of the metropolitan population. // Source: Arcep

In terms of consumption of streaming video content, the operator also ranks first, all areas combined. Arcep points out that 98% of the videos are seen in perfect quality in dense areas, 96% in intermediate areas and 90% in rural areas).

Results that go hand in hand with the operator’s very good network coverage in mainland France. In 4G, Orange thus stands on the podium of the best mobile operators with a coverage of the metropolitan population of more than 99%. The metropolitan territory is covered in 94% by the operator. Therefore, crossing a white zone with an orange package is almost impossible.

The main player in fiber deployment

For several years, Orange has been the leading operator in terms of fiber connection throughout the country. The historic provider brings together the largest investment in the entire fiber network in France.

In very dense areas, the Orange network represents 80% of the fiber deployed. A figure much higher than that of the competition, which occupies 4 to 16% of the total network deployed in these same areas.

The Orange LiveBox 6, the first for Wi-Fi 6, also offers a very slick design. // Source: Orange

Even better, Orange is also the operator that invests the most in research and development so that its internet boxes are as efficient as possible. It is the first to have integrated the Wi-Fi 6 standard in its new internet boxes, the LiveBox 6.

Equipping your boxes with the latest wireless connection standard has several advantages. First, Wi-Fi 6 is more secure because it offers a more advanced security protocol that better encrypts your sensitive data.

It also offers smarter performance management across all your connected devices. Therefore, priority is given to those that need higher performance, such as laptops.

And for those who swear by cable alone, the Orange LiveBox 6 is equipped with a multi-gigabit Ethernet port (with up to 2 Gbit/s download speed and up to 800 Mbit/s upload speed over Fiber if you have a compatible device). .

attentive customer service

In terms of customer satisfaction, Orange is also on the podium both as an Internet service provider and as a mobile operator. In this area, competition is fierce, but the established operator enjoys an excellent reputation.

Arcep details it in its annual observatory and indicates that user satisfaction with respect to their access to fiber is on average, all operators together, 7.8/10. An average that exceeds Orange, thus ranking as the best valued by customers with an average of 8.1/10.

Orange users are generally more satisfied with their provider’s services. // Source: Arcep

Finally, the independent observatory concludes that of all the problems encountered by users, Orange is among the best to provide a solution. It is even the first when it comes to the quality of service. The study indicates that registered Orange users are the ones who encounter the least problems (only 15% compared to an average of 17% in 2022).

And if you continue to have problems with your Wi-Fi, Orange offers you personalized and continuous support through its Serenity Wi-Fi system, so that you can use your internet box to the best of its capabilities. Finally, so that you never run out of data in the event of an incident on the network, the operator provides you with an additional 200 GB on your smartphone with an orange plan, or through Airbox Wi-Fi if you are with another mobile operator.

An operator that stands out from the competition

If you take into account all the important criteria when looking for a good provider, Orange offers one of the best services. It brings together one of the most efficient and widespread Internet networks, one of the best customer service available today, and the incumbent operator continues to be a pioneer in terms of technological advances in its Internet boxes.

So many good reasons to stay with Orange if you’re already a customer, or switch to the operator if you’re not yet.

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