Why Google is preparing a new Chrome for iPhone and iPad

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The developers of Chromium, the core of Chrome, would develop an experimental web browser for iOS that would not be based on WebKit as Apple dictates. It would be based on the Blink engine, created by Google itself. What to prepare for the opening of the contest on iOS.

European legislation wants to end Apple’s monopoly situation. Also, the brand is preparing to open the iPhone and iPad to other application stores. Even before this opening, Google is already experimenting with a new web browser for iOS, which is not based on WebKit, but on Blink, its own engine. Enough to set up an alternate version of Chrome on iOS and iPadOS.

Google is experimenting with an alternative browser on iOS

Is Register indicating that Google is developing a web browser that would work with Blink’s internal rendering engine. However, Chromium developers are well aware that the App Store rules are strict: web browsers on iOS and iPadOS must work with WebKit, Apple’s engine. This means that if this experimental browser were to be submitted for publication, it would be automatically rejected.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Google explains in a bug report that “ this experimental application will be used to measure graphics and input latencies by providing traces for analysis “, as the English-speaking media were able to notice. This prototype is developedas part of an open source project with the goal of understanding certain aspects of performance on iOSaccording to a company spokesperson. Therefore, this browser would not be intended for users and therefore would not violate Apple’s rules.

Registerwent further and a person close to the development of this experimental software says that it would be more than that, but “the start of the browser port».

Apple will have to open up to alternative app stores

For several years, the Apple brand has been the subject of much criticism for the closure of its operating systems. More specifically in web browsers, the imposition of WebKit makes all browsers very similar, which encourages the use of Safari. Also, some believe that browsers have limited performance due to this engine, compared to what the manufacturer’s products can provide. Enough to force developers to publish apps on the App Store, a store where Apple takes a 30% commission on microtransactions; a practice that is again strongly criticized.

The photographic module of the iPhone 14 Pro Max as an illustration
The photo module of the iPhone 14 Pro Max for illustration // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Fortunately for developers, public authorities are beginning to challenge Apple’s practices, which are seen as increasingly anti-competitive. The European Union has approved a new legislation that will enter into force at the beginning of 2024 and that aims to open up competition in mobile operating systems. This could force Apple to revise its requirements for its rendering engine.

For its part, the British Competition Authority considers the obligation to use WebKit anti-competitive. Recently, it was the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the United States that took charge with a reportcalling for changes to the mobile app ecosystem to promote competition“, writtenRegister.

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