why February 21 will be decisive

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To defend its acquisition plan, Microsoft is expected to speak at a European Union hearing on February 21. The chance for Sony PlayStation to step in as well.

The main Activision Blizzard licenses // Source: Klobrille

Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard is probably nearing its home stretch. Following the announcement of an attack by the FTC in December 2022, the United Kingdom issued a rather unfavorable opinion requesting negotiations with Microsoft and the European Union sent a warning.

It is this last region that interests us today. Before the deadline of April 11, 2023, the date by which the European Commission must issue a final opinion, Microsoft wants to make its case in Europe. A hearing has been scheduled for February 21.

The Last Chance Negotiation

According to the Reuters news agency, this is a last attempt by Microsoft to try to validate its acquisition plan. Therefore, the company should be able to present commitments that can allay the fears of the authorities.

We do not know the extent of these fears on the part of the European Union in this file. However, Microsoft will have to negotiate compromises that the firm will also propose to the CMA in the UK. Microsoft’s goal is to both validate your project and sign the same commitments around the world.

If the hearing wasn’t going to be broadcast in public, Sony would have to come along and play rioters. In fact, the manufacturer of the PlayStation should also be present at the hearing to claim the blocking of the file. Other market stakeholders are free to participate and therefore we can imagine a coming from Google or Nvidia.

Therefore, February 21 promises to be crucial for the future of the acquisition project. If Microsoft manages to convince the EU, the firm will have taken a big step forward. If the attempt fails, one may legitimately think that the acquisition will never succeed.

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