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The Volkswagen ID range. Buzz will soon expand. After the launch of the 204 CV version with a 77 kWh battery, the German firm is preparing a spicier version called GTX with 340 CV. But is it really in the spirit of this model?

At the time of writing this article, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz is only offered in one configuration in France, namely a Pro version with 204PS and a 77kWh battery that gives it a range of 416km according to the WLTP cycle.

In fact, and as we have seen during our test, it will be necessary to count on much less, especially if you have to travel regularly and drive with fast axles.

A range that will soon be expanded

The VW ID. Buzz is, contrary to what its size might lead us to believe, very much derived from the ID.3. The MEB platform is identical, except it is stretched compared to the German sedan, while the engine and battery are similar.

But soon, the range of ID. Buzz will expand. We will have the right to a version with a longer wheelbase, but also to a long-awaited California version (ie motorhome) that will echo the famous Combi of yesteryear. But, and this is more surprising, Volkswagen is preparing a slightly more “sporty” version of its ID. Buzz.

In fact, according to our colleagues from carVolkswagen will unveil a non-299 hp GTX version before the end of the year, as we have seen in the ID.4 and ID. 5 GTX, but 340 channels. Probably not too much to move this beautiful 2.5 ton baby. It will share some elements with the new Volkswagen ID.7 recently made official by the brand at CES in Las Vegas.

With a bigger battery?

In detail, the future Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX will have an architecture with two electric motors, one on each axis. It will therefore be a van with four-wheel drive, as opposed to a simple drive for the version currently on sale.

It remains to be seen which battery this model will carry. The 77 kWh is today the largest used by the brand, but this year Volkswagen could present a new accumulator whose capacity could increase up to 90 kWh. The information has already been half confirmed with the range of 700 km announced for the ID.7without the brand having formalized the capacity of the battery that was underneath.

The formalization should take place within a few weeks, with the presentation of the final version of the new great 100% electric German sedan, but also the important restyling of the ID.3, which will also have up to 700 km and which will have the new MEB platform. -Evo recently presented by the German group.

Still, offering a “sporty” or even dynamic model for an electric van has some contradictions. In fact, for a model that has to travel a lot, the presence of two electric motors and more power will play a rather negative role on autonomy, even if the battery will normally be larger. Arguably a 204-hp version with a bigger battery would make more sense and appeal more to customers.

By 2025, Volkswagen should also further expand the range with a long wheelbase model. According to Kai Gruenitz, Volkswagen R&D director, this version will be 25 cm longer than the standard model and will integrate seven seats. This model will be entitled to three rows of seats and the seats can be removed to increase cargo capacity, or even rotated to provide more comfortable space for the user.

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