Why do you have to wait a few months before buying it?

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The latest indiscretions coming from the Tesla factories pin down the launch date of the long-awaited future Tesla Model 3 Highland a bit more. And it could arrive long before the end of the year, and more precisely in September 2023.

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Tesla has a habit of delivering its vehicles in quarterly waves, with the last days of each quarter being a mad rush to sell as much as possible. The end of the first quarter of 2023 is drawing near, and Tesla Investor Day on March 1 should reveal everything we want to know about the Tesla Model 3 Highland, before perhaps a record-breaking quarter end, and release date announcement. . factory.

A revised Model 3 for the third quarter

The Shanghai Gigafactory is actively preparing for the production of the new Tesla Model 3

. In fact, some lines are also stopped, waiting to be updated to adapt to the new manufacturing processes.

According to the agency Reuters, However, we would have to wait until September to revisit the first Tesla Model 3 leave the Chinese factory and therefore be delivered to end customers a few weeks later. According to your information, this means that the Tesla Model 3 delivered in the first and second quarters of 2023 they will remain as we know them today.

However, the new version of the electric sedan should have substantial differences from the current one, such as high-definition radar, more cameras, or even a more efficient driving computer.

Thousands of Teslas awaiting export

However, that doesn’t mean the current Tesla Model 3 is bad.far from it: with the price drop at the beginning of the year, it is also considered one of the best price/performance ratios in the electricity market.

If this drop helped boost sales in January, where orders in China quadrupled, the month of February represents a return to normality for the firm of Elon Musk. In fact, according to data from China, Orders fell almost 70% in the first week of February compared to the last week of January.

With the current very short deadlines (an order today in France announces delivery before the end of next March), it is probably urgent to wait. New models will likely be able to sell at current prices, and the price of today’s Model 3s on the used market will inevitably fall.

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