Which subscription to choose in March 2023?

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Have you finally decided to subscribe to Netflix, but you still don’t know which formula is best for you and at what price? Here are our recommendations according to your wishes and your budget.

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Netflix is ​​constantly in the news. Between a new price increase during the month of August, experiments related to account sharing and the upcoming implementation of an ad-integrated subscription for less, the American streaming service never stops talking about it.

The truth is that with the proliferation of streaming services, it is necessary to carefully choose your subscription level according to your desires (movies and series) and especially your wallet, since the monthly bill risks rising rapidly. Fortunately, it is also possible to lower prices with a few tricks, since Internet operators like bundled offers with a key subscription. Keep in mind that if Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service on the market, it is also the most expensive.

What are the prices of the different Netflix offers?

Pending a possible revision of its offer with the integration of ads, Netflix currently offers three subscription plans for its service, all with different characteristics depending on the price positioning.

Netflix Essentials Netflix Standard netflix premium
Monthly price €8.99 €13.49 €17.99
Number of screens available simultaneously 1 2 4
Number of devices for content download 1 2 4
Unlimited access to the entire catalog Yeah Yeah Yeah
Compatibility with smartphones, computers, smartphones and tablets Yeah Yeah Yeah
image quality 480p(SD) 1080p (Full HD) UHD/4K (HDR and Dolby Vision compatible)

Essential package at €8.99/month

This is the entry point to access the service. For this price, of course, you will be entitled to the entire catalog, but limited to 480p (SOUTH DAKOTA). It’s a minimal package, which is mainly aimed at people who don’t care much about video quality or who consume SVoD mostly on mobile devices. The Essential package is also limited to a single screen simultaneouslyso you don’t say if you want to share your subscription with family or friends and have them watch a stream or series at the same time as you.

Standard Plan at €13.49/month

It is the intermediate subscription that offers a much more advantageous quality of service. For this price, we are entitled to an image quality of up to 1080p (Full HD) with the ability to share your account with two screens simultaneously. A package designed especially for families and couples.

Premium package at €17.99/month

Here is the most expensive package, but also the most complete of the general offer of Netflix. For this price, we are entitled to the highest image quality, up to 4Kwith support for HDR a you dolby atmos for compatible content. This plan is perfect for movie lovers who want the best possible quality (for streaming). It will also be ideal to share with family and friends since it is possible to have up to four displays simultaneously with the same display quality.

How to subscribe to Netflix?

If the prices are set from the official Netflix platform, there are still several ways to lower the bill and specifically through the offers of Internet box operators.

Subscribe to Netflix from the website or app

If before it was still possible to take advantage of a 30-day trial period by subscribing to Netflix, this is unfortunately no longer the case today. On the other hand, it is quite possible that you will be refunded for your subscription within 7 days. This is the legal right of withdrawal, but you still pay the first monthly installment. So remember to contact Netflix customer service within the first 7 days of your subscription if you are not satisfied.

To subscribe to the service, nothing could be easier. Go to the official website and enter your email address. You can also go through this link which makes things even easier.

Netflix accepts payments via bank details, PayPal or gift code if you have one.

Subscribe to Netflix from your ISP

This is the easiest alternative to pay less for your subscription or to group your monthly bills: go for a free subscription (for a certain period) or offered by an Internet box operator.

Chez Free, it is with the Delta offers that a subscription to Netflix (essential package) is included, at no additional cost. The offer free cash delta including a Freebox Delta, a Player Pop and a complete TV/VOD catalog (with Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ for 3 months) for just €39.99/month for 1 year before moving to €49.99/month. This is a non-binding offer.

Chez SFRthe current offer includes a subscription to Netflix (Standard Plan) for 6 months. This subscription is available from 16 euros per month without obligation and up to 34 euros per month for one year with a 12 month commitment.

If you already have a Netflix account, you can add it to your SFR account and the operator will (or partially) refund it for the duration of the promotional offer.

channel+ it also offers the ability to get a Netflix subscription in addition to Disney+, OCS, and StarzPlay. The latter is included in the offer. CANAL+ FILM CYCLE for 34.99 euros per month with a 24-month commitment. Keep in mind that if you are under 26 years of age, the subscription is without obligation and half the price, or 20.49 euros per month.

All platforms and channels accessible with the Canal+ Cine Series subscription // source: Canal+

The Netflix account for the Canal+ offer corresponds to the standard level (13.49 euros/month, 2 Full HD screens), but you have the option to upgrade to a Premium account (17.99 euros/month, 4 UHD 4K screens ) and pay the difference in the Canal+ subscription.

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