Which server location to choose based on your usage?

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In addition to securing your connection, VPNs allow you to virtually change your location. But what is that feature for, and especially which server to choose? We inform you about the best strategies to adopt according to your needs.

Source: NorthVPN.

Installing a VPN (virtual private network) is not just for IT specialists. This can bring multiple benefits for everyone on a daily basis. Apart from their security advantage, VPNs are very popular for their custom IP location functionality. And NordVPN’s solution makes it very easy to enjoy.

Available from 3.35 euros per month, NordVPN allows you, for example, to get the best rates for your trips, access an expanded catalog of streaming videos, or even lift internet restrictions at your workplace. But you still need to set it up correctly and choose the right location. These are our best practices in this area.

You don’t have to go far to improve the security of your data

Strengthen the security and confidentiality of your data: this is one of the main reasons why an Internet user chooses to subscribe to a VPN. The NordVPN solution allows you to protect yourself against malware and the various attacks that can occur while browsing the web. This is even more important when you connect to public Wi-Fi, which is generally insecure.

Specifically, NordVPN acts as an intermediary between your device and the Internet to secure your connection, hide your IP address, and encrypt your data. That’s why the VPN always asks you to connect to one of its 5,345 servers spread across 60 countries.

With such a device, even the website you visit cannot identify or track you without your knowledge. And for the protection to be complete, the publisher has additionally provided the functionality ” kill switch », which cuts off your Internet access as soon as the connection to its servers is interrupted.

In this context, regardless of the location you choose, the VPN protects your data in all cases. However, to benefit from the best possible speed, it is preferable to connect to servers that are geographically close.

Make your IP travel to go out at a reduced price

If NordVPN secures your data regardless of the selected server, it is sometimes interesting to connect in other countries. This is particularly the case when you are planning your next vacation. The airlines or the accommodation and car rental platforms may take into account the location of the IP address to vary the prices.

Source: NorthVPN.

For example, if you plan to go to the United States, it is better to choose a NordVPN server that is not located in North America or Western Europe to get the best prices. Try different servers from various countries in private browsing to compare the results.

Choose a specific location to unlock certain content

The benefits of a location abroad are not limited to traveling alone. This hack also provides access to an expanded catalog of streaming videos. In France, the law prohibits SVoD services from circumventing the media timeline.

You will also be able to enjoy certain sports or cultural broadcasts, which would only be available in your country of origin.

Source: NorthVPN.

In this context, the choice of the server is even more important. By locating yourself in the United States or England, for example, thanks to NordVPN, you can discover the movies and series of SVoD services that are normally reserved for users physically present in these two countries. And on the contrary, when you go on vacation abroad, if you opt for a French server, you can find your usual catalog.

Thus, NordVPN allows you to take full advantage of all the streaming platforms you subscribe to without restrictions.

A French IP from abroad to bypass local restrictions

Be careful, it is not always convenient to locate abroad. Some countries apply strong restrictions and monitoring of your activities on the Internet. This is particularly the case in China and Saudi Arabia, which limit access to social media and certain content within their borders.

Source: NorthVPN.

To bypass these restrictions and access the Internet freely, NordVPN has obfuscated servers in Singapore, France, and Germany. That is, they mask the very fact of using a VPN. Finally, NordVPN recommends using the L2TP protocol to bypass censorship.

Finally, there are other more local restrictions, established by companies or schools, for example. Activating NordVPN allows you to bypass them and access all websites from your network, including those that have been blocked by the administration in question.

A low-priced NordVPN deal

Travel, security, additional content… NordVPN allows its users to access many advantages on the internet.

Practical and very easy to use, the NordVPN VPN is also very affordable at just €3.35 per month with the Essential plan. This offer includes:

  • and VPNs;
  • an antivirus;
  • a tracking and ad blocker.

And for an amount of 4.31 euros per month, NordVPN adds to its solution a password manager, as well as a vulnerability scanner. The subscription finally goes to 5.75 euros if you opt for the Ultimate offer with an additional 1 TB of cloud storage.

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