Which of these adjustable offers for less than €10/month is the best?

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Why pay for mobile data you don’t use? Auchan Telecom offers an adjustable package that goes from 70 GB to 110 GB, but is it more interesting than YouPrice? We will try to answer it in this comparison.

More and more operators are embarking on scalable mobile plans and from now on, we can count on Auchan Telecom. But what is your new adjustable package offer worth against YouPrice, the already well-established operator in this market? To help you in your choice, we detail the two offers offered by these MVNOs (virtual operators).

Adjustable mobile plans from Auchan Telecom and YouPrice

Call/SMS: two advantageous operators

An adjustable mobile plan is very advantageous in the medium term. In fact, the consumption of mobile data can vary greatly depending on the month. They just allow the user to pay only what he consumes instead of paying for unused mobile data.

YouPrice and Auchan Telecom are no exception to the rule. They offer unlimited calls, SMS and MMS-based communications to mobiles and landlines in mainland France, as well as from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number.

Red: Orange or SFR VS Bouygues?

If the YouPrice operator is unknown to you, the latter has the merit of benefiting from a partnership with several established operators, here Orange and SFR. It then leaves the choice of network coverage to the user. This allows you to choose between the two networks the one that offers the best coverage in your area. With one or the other, you are guaranteed to benefit from the reliability of the Orange and SFR network.

Purchased by Bouygues Télécom, Auchan Télécom therefore uses the latter’s infrastructure and network. Knowing this, it is imperative that you check if the coverage is good in your home. Bouygues Telecom covers almost 94% of the territory according to Arcep.

Data: GB Galore

Let’s start by detailing YouPrice’s adjustable offer:

  • €9.99 if the consumption of data is less than 80GB
  • €12.99 if the consumption of data it is less than 90GB
  • €14.99 if the consumption of data is less than 100GB

With a minimum of 80GB of data on this plan, don’t worry about having video streaming, online gaming, or web browsing and social media. And, if you want a package with the 5G network, you have to pay an additional 5 euros per month. If you travel regularly, or if your Wi-Fi connection leaves something to be desired, you can move up to the next level of 90 GB. If this does not suit you, you should know that you can cancel your offer at any time without obligation. . Regarding the data abroad, it remains the same regardless of the level you reach at the end of the month, i.e. 16 GB from Europe and the French overseas departments.

On the Auchan Telecom side, we have:

  • €9.99 if the consumption of data it is less than 70GB
  • €12.99 if the consumption of data it is less than 90GB
  • €15.99 if the consumption of data is less than 110 GB

For less than 10 euros you have the right to 70 Gb. The possibilities are great: you can devour streaming content, surf the Internet calmly and listen to your streaming music service, share your connection when you need it and do some parts online. A monthly envelope of 18 GB of mobile data for all levels it is also provided for trips in Europe and the overseas departments.

Our recommendation

Whatever the levels, the YouPrice offer is more interesting. On the one hand, because the prices are attractive regardless of the level. For less than 10 euros, the operator provides a basic amount of data that is comfortable for those who are used to consuming a lot of data on the go. On the other hand, you can choose between two operators, against just one at Auchan Telecom.

And, although Auchan Télécom offers a higher monthly allowance for mobile data abroad, the 16 GB of YouPrice is enough to consult the GPS if necessary or, from time to time, share your adventures during your trip on your social networks. In addition, it has the advantage of taking advantage of the Orange network, which is undoubtedly the best in France in terms of communications and data.

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