Which model to choose in February 2023?

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Looking for a cheap electric car? Thanks to the ecological bonus, but also to our tests on Frandroid, it is likely that you will find the cheapest electric car.

The best cheap electric cars

Are you thinking of buying a new electric car, but the budget that you have defined for this acquisition should not exceed 20,000 euros? There aren’t many options on the new vehicle market yet, but there are still some models available under this symbolic bar, in particular thanks to the ecological bonus of 7,000 euros (for households whose reference income per share is less than 14,089 euros) established by the government. To make the most of it, you will not have to look at the best electric cars on the market.

The cars presented in this file are below 20,000 euros, once discounted the ecological bonus. Most of the vehicles at the heart of our selection are electric city cars. For some, depending on the desired finishes and equipment, the fateful threshold may be exceeded. Customers are more and more fans Rent with option to buy, a system that consists of renting the car for periods ranging from three to five years, in general, and paying a predefined amount every month during that period. A sum that can vary according to the first contribution, the annual mileage or the residual value of the car. This will allow you to also invest in accessories such as GPS plotters.

Fiat 500 3+1

At the end of the rental agreement, you will have two options: buy back the car and exercise the purchase option, or return the car. There are also financing solutions without a purchase option, such as long term rental For example, when there is no purchase option at the end of the lease, only restitution will be possible. Therefore, we will give you an idea of ​​the monthly payments for the cars presented, knowing that they can vary widely depending on the parameters mentioned above. We also advise you to read our selection of cars with the best range/price ratio.

7 /10

dacia spring

  • The really interesting price
  • complete team
  • The cheapest in Europe!

Available in €20,800 in Dacia

To say that Dacia was highly anticipated in the electric car market is an understatement. If they are not the most cutting-edge on the market, Romanian vehicles shine for their value for money. Unlike most entry-level electrics, the Spring doesn’t embrace a city look, but rather a faux-SUV look. In practice, it is about four inches longer than most of its competitors.

According to the manufacturer, the 27.4 kWh battery translates into a range of 230 km in the combined cycle. A figure that will rise to 300 km in urban use. The engine itself is not going to take your breath away, the engine produces 44 horsepower and 12 Nm. In terms of speed, we will limit to 125 km/h with a 01 to 100 in 19.1 S. In use, it turns out It will be Pretty fun to drive around town, but less so on the main roads.

The question of cost remains, depending on the finish, the prices after the ecological bonus range between 12,403 euros and 13,498 euros, which is among the lowest on the market.

The Dacia Spring is certainly not perfect, but it offers more than interesting value for money for anyone who wants to go electric. You will find more details in our complete test of the cheapest electric car.

  • Dimensions : Lxlxh : 3.73 mx 1.58 mx 1.52 m
  • Chest : 290 liters
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 19.1 seconds
  • Consumption : 13.9kWh/100km
  • Battery : 8 year or 120,000 km warranty (if capacity is less than 70%)

  • important autonomy
  • 250 liter boot
  • The smoothness of driving

Available in €25,400 in Volkswagen

The Volkswagen e-up! It was the first of the three 100% electric city cars of the Volkswagen group to see the light. It was launched in 2013 and had, at the time, a battery of only 18.7 kWh capacity. Since its redesign in 2019, the e-up! almost doubled the size of his battery with 36.8kWh and you can navigate to 260 kilometers Autonomy on a single charge. your engine 83 horsepower et 212 Nm of torque It allows you to evolve in the city and on the secondary network with some ease.

Of the three models, the Volkswagen e-up! it is the most expensive because it is also the “richest”. The price difference is not significant, however, since it starts at 23,740 euros. With a bonus of 6,000 euros, its starting price amounts to €17,740. Regarding the monthly installments, according to the conditions set by Volkswagen, it can be around 270 euros per month for a model with some options.

  • Dimensions : Lxlxh : 3.60 mx 1.65 mx 1.49 m
  • Chest : 250 liters
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 11.9 seconds
  • Consumption : 14.5 to 16.4kWh/100km
  • Battery : 8 year or 160,000 km warranty (if capacity is less than 70%)

6 /10

Renault Twingo Electric

  • agile in the city
  • complete system connected
  • good habitability

Available in €24,050 in Renault

The technical cousin of the Smart Forfour took a long time to appear, since the most popular of the current Renaults took until 2020 to be available in a 100% electric version. The Twingo Electric has a range of approx. 190 kilometers according to the WLTP mixed cycle and can be recharged from 0 to 80% in one hour in a 22 kW public terminal. The electric motor distills 83 horsepower et 160Nm of torque. It is powered by a battery with a capacity of 22 kWh.

Quite agile, the Renault Twingo Electric is perfectly comfortable in the city for daily trips. Its top speed limited to 135 km/h and its small battery does not make it a good traveler, but it is not necessarily its main vocation. It is necessary to count from 21,350 euros of starting price, excluding the ecological bonus of 5,764 euros, and not 6,000 euros, because it is limited to 27% of the price of the car, which leads us to a price of €15,586. As for the rental, Renault communicates offers from 99 euros per month for an entry model in “Life” finish, rather it will be necessary to count around 160 euros per month for a properly equipped “Zen” mid-range version.

It suffers above all from a very saturated Renault electrical catalog. However, if you let yourself be tempted, we recommend that you read our Twingo Electric test.

  • Dimensions : Lxlxh : 3.62 mx 1.65 mx 1.54 m
  • Chest : 240 liters
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 12.9 seconds
  • Consumption : 16kWh/100km
  • Battery : 8 year or 160,000 km warranty (if capacity is less than 70%)

7 /10

Citroen Amy

  • Son compact format
  • accessible rate
  • very useful
  • useless out of town

Available in €8,190 at Citroen

With its compact format and its design that we will describe as marginal, the Citroën Ami does not go unnoticed by any means. The commonly called car without a license is intended to be used in urban use, for those who cannot use public transport or vehicles such as bicycles.

The car is also a tribute to simplicity as its construction is one of the purest. Inside, the Ami’s comfort is spartan. The seats are covered with a thin layer of upholstery and are set back quite a bit for safety reasons. Of course, don’t rely on the air conditioning either. It is a car designed for the city that fulfills its functions very well.

On asphalt, the Citroën Ami is limited to 45 km/h. A limitation that does not prevent it from having a good acceleration to go up to 30 km/h. Due to its compact size, the car is also easy to handle and drive. If it has an exclusively urban use, the Citroën Ami is a good cheap electric car. It is available from 8190 euros. To convince yourself of this, read our vehicle test.

where to buy the

Citroën Ami at the best price?

8 /10

Xev Yoyo

  • a futuristic look
  • Generous in equipment
  • Its dynamic behavior
  • No address reminder

Anyone looking for an electric car halfway between the Citroën Ami and the Smart Fortwo, the Xev Yoyo is a good reference. It’s certainly compact, but it doesn’t have that “shoebox” look of the Friend. By contrast, the Yoyo checks the box for futurism and is nice to look at.

It is inside its cabin where the difference with traditional cars without a license is faced. The Xev Yoyo is much more pleasant for its passengers. Both seats are adjustable and above all upholstered with fabrics to be a little more comfortable. As icing on the cake, a 7-inch screen is set up for the infotainment system. Interior comfort is a real added value.

When driving, the maximum speed of the vehicle is not restricted. Indeed, there is a “D” mode to contain the car at 55 km/h, however, it is possible to go up to 90 km/h in Sport mode. The Xev Yoyo behaves quite lively on winding roads. Compared to the Citroën Ami, the electric car has a little more fun outdoors and on the outskirts.

After discounting the ecological bonus of 900 euros, the electric car is priced at 14,990 euros. It is a cheap electric car, although its price range is a bit higher than other cars in the same category. Our full review of the Xev Yoyo is available to read for more information.

where to buy the

Xev Yoyo at the best price?

No offers at the moment

We also offer other electric car buying guides:

What are the cheapest electric cars?

model name price
dacia spring €19,800
Renault Twingo Electric €24,050
Jump Engine T03 €24,990
Next e.GO Mobile e.wave X €24,990
Volkswagen E-UP €25,400
Fortwo Smart Equalizer €28,350
MG4 28,900 euros
Fiat 500 and €29,400
Opel Corsa-e €31,700
Peugeot E 208 Like €33,000

How to choose a cheap electric car?

What are the conditions of the ecological bonus?

From January 1, 2023, the ecological bonus has changed again:

  • bonus of €5,000 for households that buy a vehicle of less than 47,000 euros including taxes and weighing less than 2.4 tons
  • bonus of €7,000 for households whose reference income per share is less than 14,089 euros
  • bonus of €3,000 for legal entities that purchase a vehicle for less than 47,000 euros;

To go into more detail, we refer you to our article dedicated to the ecological bonus.

What kind of cheap electric car to choose?

Unfortunately, you don’t have many options to choose from for less than 20,000 euros. It’s out of the question to target electric SUVs or even luxury pickup trucks. It is especially the electric city cars that benefit from a very attractive ecological bonus.

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