Which electric scooter on offer to choose between Xiaomi and Ninebot? (budget around €350)

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If you are looking for a robust and durable electric scooter for around 350 euros, the Scooter 3 Lite and the KickScooter D28E may be for you. But, between the know-how of Ninebot and Xiaomi’s good value for money, what to choose? We will try to enlighten you through this comparison.

Ninebot KickScooter D28E vs. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite

Easy to handle, robust, less bulky than a bicycle, the electric scooter seems to be the ideal ally to get around. With the arrival of good weather, this is an opportunity to let yourself be tempted by this alternative to public transport. And, if it is difficult to choose with so many references on the market, switching to one of the two models presented in this article seems to be a good deal.

For around 350 euros, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite and the Ninebot KickScooter D28E offer a decent range, good ride comfort, and a powerful engine. But which of the two to choose? We will try to enlighten you in your choice through this comparison, detailing each of the qualities and disadvantages of the two products.

Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters for sale

A clean and robust design in both models.

Although these two models are not the most luxurious, Ninebot and Xiaomi have applied themselves to offer beautiful finishes. On the Xiaomi side, we are faced with another iteration that is based on a minimalist appearance with red cables. It has an aluminum frame and supports a maximum load of 100 kg. It will also be able to withstand raindrops and dust with its IP 54 certification. The Ninebot scooter also looks great with its bright red metal frame framing the deck. Supports a higher load (120 kg) and withstands rain, resists splashes, but be careful with puddles.

Do you plan to combine your road trip with public transport? So Xiaomi’s Scooter 3 Lite seems more suitable. The Lite lives up to her name with its 13 kilos listed on the scale, it is meant to be lightweight and convenient to carry. So you won’t have a problem taking it with you on transport, or even slipping it into the trunk of a car. It also has the advantage of having a fairly easy folding system to be less bulky. The KickScooter D28E weighs 15.3 kilos, 2 more than its competitor. Therefore, it is not one of the lightest in its category. However, its folding system also makes it easier, and it becomes more compact to be able to take your scooter on public transport, or store it.

I have the D38E model, and to fold it I found some difficulties. A trigger is required, but this is a bit chunky and requires a bit of force to activate the jib movement. It is true that this security prevents the scooter from folding during the trip, but it also complicates folding a bit. This is fixed after several “folds”.

Powerful enough to climb hills.

To move around the city, the two machines have a motor with a nominal power of 300 W. They will easily reach a top speed of 25 km/h, and therefore stay within the French legal limit. And, if there is a climb on your route, you should know that the D28E is capable of climbing slopes of about 15° inclination compared to the 14° inclination of the Scooter 3 Lite. In each of them we have three available driving modes: eco, standard and sport, accessible through the LCD screen on the handlebar, and which can be changed even in the middle of the race. You can also check speed, riding modes and battery status. This information can also be consulted from the Xiaomi Home and Segway-Ninebot application. A walking/pedestrian mode is also available which allows you to easily push your scooter to the side if it runs out of battery.

Ninebot’s two-wheeler has the advantage of opting for wider tires than Xiaomi’s. The D28E is fitted with 10-inch tube tires, compared to 8.5 inches on the Scooter 3 Lite. These tires provide very good cushioning and allow the scooter to move over rougher surfaces without unbearable vibrations, thus obtaining a smoother and more stable ride. To ensure safety, both references feature a double regenerative braking system combined with a drum brake at the rear. If you’re driving after dark, you can count on a front and rear light. The path will light up in front of you, making you perfectly visible to other road users, without blinding them. The two manufacturers do not forget about comfort and incorporate a fairly wide and comfortable platform.

Cut for commute

Generally, the question that stands out the most before buying an electric scooter is: How many kilometers per day will I travel on average? Well, keep in mind that the two devices expect more or less similar autonomy. In detail, the Xiaomi scooter has a range of 20 km thanks to its 5,200 mAh battery. It is important to remember that this figure was obtained under very specific conditions: with a load of 75 kg, without wind, on the flat and above all at 15 km/h. Therefore, it will be necessary to count between 10 and 15 km, which are still enough to make short daily trips. For charging time, it takes 4.5 hours, one morning or one afternoon to fully charge.

The Ninebot one stands out slightly compared to its rival, since it offers a more comfortable autonomy. It is also its name that gives us the data, the KickScooter D28E, for 28 km of autonomy. This score will necessarily change based on your driving. For example, if you opt for sport mode, you can travel 15 and 20 km. This is a good average to keep during your daily commute, for example. Finally count 5 hours to recharge the battery.

Xiaomi or Ninebot? What electric scooter to choose?

After having detailed the qualities and the defects of the two electric wheels, it is time to take stock to help you in your choice.

For lightness and compactness, Xiaomi wins the point. With the Scooter 3 Lite you will have fewer difficulties to take it with you, either in the stairwell of your building, or on public transport. Its engine is powerful and allows you to quickly reach the maximum authorized speed. Road holding is good, even under emergency braking, but its small 8.5-inch wheels (with inner tubes) aren’t enough on their own to absorb the bumps of the road. Without shock absorbers, paved roads can shake you hard. And it is that, with this machine, the autonomy is a bit limited for daily commuting and requires many times to return to the cargo box.

Meanwhile, the KickScooter D28E revels in offering better range than its rival. We are far from the 65 km of autonomy offered by one of the high-end models of the Ninebot brand, but with twenty kilometers you can leave with a more serene mind for your trips. Comfort is essential with its wide deck and 10-inch wheels ensure a smooth ride. With its solid frame, the scooter can handle a higher load of up to 120kg, compared to 100kg for the Scooter 3 Lite. One more argument that can tip the balance towards the two-wheeled vehicle designed by Ninebot.

If you still can’t decide between the Xiaomi scooter and the Ninebot scooter, we have selected for you the best electric scooters in various categories corresponding to the most common uses.

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