Where to buy Chromecast with Google TV at the best price in 2023?

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The new Chromecast comes with Google TV and a remote control to navigate the heart of its interface. 4K or HD, what kind of Chromecast do you need? Follow the guide for more information.

Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

Google will have taken its time to launch the new version of its Chromecast. Because yes, we had to compete with Amazon’s Fire TV and Xiaomi’s Mi TV Stick, so here’s the Chromecast with Google TV. A small HDMI dongle that uses the formula introduced by the Chromecast by offering the possibility of casting content on your TV from your phone, but adding a remote control associated with the Google TV interface.

Once you have your Chromecast, all that’s left to do is use your favorite apps. And if you’re too lazy to search, we’ve picked the best Chromecast-compatible apps for you. Above all, if you need to improve the equipment in your home, we refer you to our selection of the best televisions on the market.

Keep in mind that if rumors fart Google about the intention to release a Chromecast with Google TV, it seems that the latter is a version low cost capable of generating a Full HD image. Not such a surprising choice as modern TVs now include almost all connected features.

9 /10

Google Chromecast with Google TV (4K)

  • Google TV
  • 4K supported
  • Possibility to play with Stadia

Available in €69 at Fnac

The Chromecast with Google TV offers a sleeker design than its predecessors. Now it takes the shape of a small pebble (white, pink or blue) from which a small HDMI cable protrudes. There is also a USB-C port to power it. Like other Chromecasts, it’s designed to be plugged in and hidden behind a TV, never to be dislodged again.

Chromecast with Google TV // Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

Like most of Mountain View’s connected objects, installation is very simple. Once connected to the TV, the Chromecast will ask you which network to connect to, and to manage it, you’ll of course need to install the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Then just scan the QR and you’re done. During installation, it will even offer to pre-download streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, and many more.

It is also possible to proceed with the installation with the remote control that comes with this new version of the Chromecast, but it is less practical. On the other hand, it finds all its usefulness once you are in the interface. This one, called Google TV, is based on Android TV. It’s clear and everything seems easy to access. Like Apple and Amazon, you will have access to many massive recommendations based on your user experience, movies, series, or genres. This avoids, for example, having to launch the app and then search for the desired content to view it.

The remote control is pleasant in the hand // Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

Google’s solution is not the most efficient compared to the competition, but it offers enough power to display content in 4K at 60 frames per second, with HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. This Chromecast even supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for sound. Of course, the Google Assistant is also there to control your TV by voice.

Feel free to read our Chromecast with Google TV test to learn more.

where to buy the

Google Chromecast with Google TV (4K) at the best price?

  • Google TV
  • high definition quality
  • Less expensive

Available in €39 on Amazon

For those who can’t afford such an investment, Google has released a new version of its Chromecast with Google TV. To make it more accessible, the brand has removed some features. As the name suggests, it caps at HD video quality instead of 4K for the version mentioned above.

In terms of design, the lines are identical. The Chromecast allows you to enjoy SVoD on your TV and allows you to enjoy the Google TV experience. It is above all the price that must be remembered for this new version of the product. The latter is sold at a price of 39.99 euros or 30 euros less than the higher version.

where to buy the

Google Chromecast with Google TV (HD) at the best price?

  • a very small price
  • Easy to use
  • Shall we tell you the price?

Available in €39 in Cdiscount

If your budget is more limited, the Chromecast 3 is still available for around thirty euros. If you keep a form factor similar to his little brother, however he is less technically capable.

In fact, its resolution is limited to Full HD and Google TV obviously has no subscribers. Also impossible to play Stadia games (for the two below who would be interested). Despite everything, it is not without interest, its low price makes it a good candidate to give a television lacking connected functions a facelift.

where to buy the

Google Chromecast 3 at the best price?

to go further

To discover alternatives to Google Chromecast with Google TV, we now invite you to consult our guide to the best Android TV boxes and multimedia boxes in 2023.

What can I use my Chromecast for?

You are aware that the objective of Chromecast is to improve your consumption on your television. If you have a video projector, don’t panic, it is quite possible to use the product on it.

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