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Each year, Tesla offers a tentative timeline for expanding its Supercharger network. Once it is not customary, in 2022, it was like that, but the way of showing the sites to come has changed a lot. Will the builder meet the deadlines set?

Supercharge in Tesla Model 3 // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

For 8 years, Tesla has had its own network of fast charging stations in France: Superchargers. Various developments have appeared over the years, and the network continues to expand. We are going to detail the forecasts for 2022, return to the recent opening to electric cars from other manufacturers and see if Tesla finally respects the dates indicated.

A welcome change in planning

Since 2021, Tesla has been updating the planning for future Supercharger openings on a quarterly basis, in France and elsewhere. This policy change was very well received, since Tesla had until then been content with an annual announcement. Many owners had long complained about this disastrous communication, which had the effect of disappointing some users.

Things have evolved over time: the way of communicating about Supercharger openings has changed a lot. As of January 2021, for all planned World Superchargers, forecast dates are now quarterly, with some sites scheduled for the first, second, third, or fourth quarter of the current year. In 2022, the manufacturer had the good idea to continue this momentum. However, we will see that unfortunately this change in method does not necessarily mean respecting the announced dates.

V2, V3 Superchargers: whatsack?

Before we continue, remember that there are currently two types of Supercharger, usually designated as V2 and V3. V2 Superchargers have two cables at each post : a “modified” Type 2 for the old Model S and Model X, and a Combo CCS for the rest, specifically the Model 3.

The V2s operate by “terminal pair” and are numbered 1A/1B, 2A/2B, etc. Each pair has a 150 kW power supply. If you are alone in par 1 (for example, you are in 1A and there is no one in 1B), you will have 150 kW available to you.

The Mâcon Supercharger: 20 terminals available // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

If someone is connected to the same peer as you, there are two scenarios:

  • If the person already connected takes 75 kW of power and your car can use the same amount, then the two users will only be entitled to 75 kW each to share the terminal equally;
  • If the person already connected takes less than 75 kW, nothing changes for him, and you benefit from 150 kW. From this power you must subtract what the other user consumes (if you charge 50 kW for example, you will only be entitled to 100 kW available).

Once the two cars are connected, the charging station will work as a communicating vase based on the two cases above. When the load of one of them drops below 75 kW, the surplus available will directly benefit the other car connected to the same pair.

Since 2020, the new implanted Superchargers are V3, which have two advantages over V2: the maximum power available per charging station is 250 kW and power is not shared between charging stations.

Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

So in a V3 Supercharger, you don’t have to think about where you plug in to experience the best possible charging power. It doesn’t matter. You can connect next to a charging car without fear. These V3 Superchargers have only one Combo CCS cablethinner than the V2 and actively cooled by water.

A year 2021 that heralds a new trend

For France, in 2021, Thirteen Superchargers have been opened. These sites herald a new trend for the manufacturer, which has moved in a few years to Superchargers with 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and even 28 terminals for the most recent ones, such as the one in Laxou near Nancy.

Le Mans has clearly gone from being the worst Supercharger in France to being the best.

20 250 kW V3 terminals with solar roof, 4 spaces for the disabled, litter bins and collaboration with the hotel next door for toilets/drinks. 👌 pic.twitter.com/3yxv4UywLR

— Bob Jouy (@bobjouy) September 28, 2021

Here is the summary of the Supercharger openings in France since 2014:

  • 2021: 13 superchargers open
  • 2020: 9 superchargers open
  • 2019: 9 open superchargers
  • 2018: 4 open superchargers
  • 2017: 17 superchargers open
  • 2016: 19 superchargers open
  • 2015: 14 superchargers open
  • 2014: 14 superchargers open

Note that since 2020 the Superchargers deployed are version 3, much more powerful and that they do not distribute the maximum power between two terminals one next to the other, as we detailed in the previous paragraph.

29 promised Superchargers, only 13 premieres in 2021

With 13 new sites opening in 2021, it looks like Tesla has started its transition by rolling out new Superchargers more frequently in France. But at the start of the vintage, Tesla promised 29 openings before the following year, bringing the total to 115 Superchargers in the national territory before 2022.

Unfortunately, in February 2022, the count is not there with 102 sites “only”. Therefore, this year’s announcement envisioning as many as 35 Superchargers by 2023 should be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s clear that despite the new mode of communication that updates the new Superchargers quarterly, Tesla is missing deadlines. Some sites remain forever postponed, such as Brest, now announced for the second quarter of 2022.

2022: forecasts

Here are the forecasts for the year 2022 according to Tesla, detailed by quarter.

Q1 2022: 3 superchargers

  • north beaune
  • Blagnac
  • saint gaudens

Q2 2022: 20 superchargers

  • Bourbon district
  • Avignon
  • Begles
  • Bourg Achard
  • Brest
  • chartres
  • chatellerault
  • Colmar
  • corsica
  • lyons
  • South Metz
  • Montauban
  • montpellier
  • Paris
  • South Poitiers
  • Roissy-en-France
  • Saint-Julien-en-Genevois
  • San Quentin
  • Tournus
  • south towers

Q3 2022: 9 superchargers

  • agen
  • Annecy
  • beziers
  • Arcachon Bay
  • Bourgoin Jallieu
  • Chalon-sur-Saone
  • Gulf of Saint-Tropez
  • honfleur
  • Villebon-sur-Yvette

2022, without further details: 3 Superchargers

  • Pontoise
  • Saint Etienne
  • Toulouse-Labége

The second quarter looks particularly busy, let’s hope Tesla can stick to its schedule.

Superchargers open to all

The big news for 2022 is the opening of certain French Superchargers to electric vehicles from other brands. No less than 16 sites are open to all to date, here is the list:

The manufacturer has selected these sites because they correspond in terms of average attendance and number of terminals available to interesting places to prove that their pilot program can go further. Rates are higher for non-Tesla vehicles, about 50% more expensive without a subscription.

We will not fail to keep an eye on the evolution of the Supercharger network in France and naturally we want to see the 35 sites promised by the American manufacturer emerge before the end of the year.

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