WhatsApp will look even more like Instagram with its new text editor

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WhatsApp continues its development with the arrival of another beta version. Among the novelties, there is a new text editor that aims to be easier to use. The messaging app tends to look more and more like Instagram.

Source : Eyestetix Studio

One of Meta’s instant messaging apps sees the arrival of features that were previously found on Instagram or even Messenger. In the latest WhatsApp beta, it is the text editor on photos that is reviewed, especially from the point of view of the user experience. Changes still in development: Expected to be available to everyone in a future update.

WhatsApp’s completely redesigned text editor

As usual, specialized media WABetaInfo has listed what’s new in beta of the WhatsApp application, available on the Google Play beta program. He says that WhatsApp has been working on improving the drawing tools for many months. Last year, for example, we saw the arrival of different pencil sizes in the photo/video editor.

This time, the changes mainly concern the interface. You can quickly switch between fonts when typing text in the drawing editor. All available fonts are displayed, similar to what is found in the Instagram editor. If there were already several sources available on WhatsApp, until then you had to click a single button, which did not suggest all the possibilities it offered.

Text editor makes it easy to change font // Source: WABetaInfo

The text editor goes even further as you can align the text to the left, center or right. What facilitates the placement of the text within the photos or videos that we send. Finally, this beta version allows you to add a colored background behind the generated text, to make it stand out more in photos.

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