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With the prototypes detected and the indiscretions credited by Reuters, it seems obvious that Tesla is working on a new Model 3. What should we expect? Let’s do a check-in.

Tesla Model 3 // Source: Frandroid with Midjourney

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Tesla has reportedly been working on an update to the Model 3 for months, a project dubbed “Highland.” One of the most popular Tesla would once again be entitled to a new variant.

What is the “Highland” project?

First of all, “Highland” comes from highland parkthe cradle of the Ford assembly line built in 1907 in Michigan, USA.

Source: ford

This assembly plant was designed by the architect Albert Kahn, the goal was to significantly increase the number of cars built, the Model T at the time, in order to significantly reduce its manufacturing cost. This code name was revealed by Reuters, with testimonials as sources. It would be directly linked to the restyling of the Model 3.

What to expect from the next Tesla Model 3?

As you will surely have understood here, the objective of the restyling of the Model 3, one of Tesla’s most popular models, is to reduce its manufacturing cost in order to lower its price. Which would be a real blow to Tesla’s competitors, especially after the recent price drop.

The future redesigned Tesla Model 3 would already be in the testing phase. A Model 3 with camouflaged front and rear bumpers has been seen several times.

Not to take away from the Cybertruck sighting, but… #ProjectHighland #model3 @Tesla @Elon Musk pic.twitter.com/KWu2pqtpfy

— The kilowatts 🚗⚡️ (@klwtts) February 3, 2023

Like the previous concept, it’s hard to see the changes due to the camouflage that covers the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The changes would be, again, we use the conditional changes to the bumpers and powertrain. This would reduce the number of components used and therefore the cost of manufacturing.

This practice of camouflaging restilations It is common in the automotive industry. This was already the case with the Model Y. Also, Tesla had fun with this, as you can see in the photo of a crossover Model Y prototype in Germany.

Model Y prototype // Source: Tesla_adri on Twitter

Keep in mind that this new pattern is not only seen in nature. Reuters said it received information from four people with knowledge of Tesla’s plans. Additionally, new components would be referenced, including a new radar not used on current models.

These improvements could result in weight reduction and improvements in fuel efficiency, as well as ease of manufacture. This will undoubtedly have consequences on the performance of the vehicle, including its power and range. In addition, this new Model 3 should also be equipped with Tesla’s “Hardware 4” computer for autopilot and autonomous driving.

At the moment, no information has yet been officially revealed about the additional functionalities that Hardware 4 brings. This new computer would require fewer sensors and cameras, which is currently stirring up the Tesla community, but the cameras would bring a improved definition and greater resistance to the vagaries of the weather.

Today, there are eight cameras in Tesla vehicles: three in the front, one in the rear, two on the door pillars, and two on the front fenders. This allows the vehicle to have 360-degree visibility up to a distance of 250 meters, and the redundancy of the front cameras ensures that you can see any obstacle with almost certainty.

The latest news about Hardware 4 (the fourth generation of hardware for Autopilot) shows, however, that the front cameras will only be two in number, instead of three so far. However, the definition would be improved, going from 1.2 to 5 megapixels.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user commented on the photos of the prototype, writing “Cybertruck and Project Highland parked next door. It’s going to be another exciting year for Tesla.”. Elon Musk liked this tweet… but that’s not why we have a confirmation of the “Highland” project. Therefore, you will have to be patient.

Let’s hope that the restyling of the Model 3 offers the expected changes, including the arrival of a tailgate, a front camera or a second screen in front of the driver. Can you still believe it…

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