What is the right price for a mobile plan?

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Economic conditions raise the prices of everyday goods and services. This inflation even affects our mobile plans, at a very advantageous price compared to our European neighbors. But what is the fair price?

Inflation is there, prices are going up, especially for energy. This affects everyone, including companies that provide services or consumer goods. We regularly talk about bakers, who are on the front lines of this price increase, but other players such as Internet service providers and mobile operators are also affected.

Orange has thus announced a price increase for all its packages, ranging from one to two euros. This price increase is justified by ” a significant increase in operating costs, particularly the energy that powers mobile networks and the Internet “. The increase is not huge, but it quickly caused a stir on social networks, especially since it is not offset by an improvement in service. For example, Sosh customers still do not have access to 5G despite this overbilling.

In this difficult period, every euro plays. But for a mobile plan, what is really the right price?

That is the question we ask you this week. Regardless of the service offered (network speed, data envelope, roaming abroad, etc.), what is the ideal price for a mobile plan? HEfair pointWhat seems like a good compromise to have access to the service that corresponds to your needs.


What is the right price for a mobile plan?

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