What is BMW’s impressive panoramic head-up display for?

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BMW lifts the veil on its new Panoramic Vision widescreen display. An innovative system that takes the form of a large screen that occupies the entire width of the windshield. But is it really essential?

Screens have always been more or less present in cars, while some models were already equipped with it in the 1980s. But in recent years, things have accelerated very markedly. There is no longer any model that is not equipped with at least a small digital panel. Even low-cost cars like the Dacia Spring and other Leapmotor T03s are no exception.

a huge screen

Today, these displays are taking up more and more space, often to the point of replace physical controls. However, some manufacturers are aware that this is not ideal, such as Volkswagen, which recently made its mea-culpa. But some, on the contrary, want to go further and make the interiors of their vehicles even more technological.

This is particularly the case for BMW, which has just lifted the veil on its latest innovation. Is about Panoramic Vision, which takes the form of a large heads-up display. The latter thus has the particularity of extending over the entire width of the windscreen. Which reminds us of the driving position of the electric SUV of the start-up Aehra.

As the manufacturer explains in a press release, which could copy Tesla’s strategy for its electric cars, this system shows a lot of information such as speed, time or even the title of the song that is being played. This device also allows share certain data with the passengerwhich also benefits from this front screen that offers improved contrast.

This device is also consistent with BMW’s approach.” hands on the wheel, eyes on the road“. Thus, safety is improved since it will no longer be necessary to look down, not even a few centimeters. However, this is already what many manufacturers offer with their Head-up displays projected directly onto the windshield. This is particularly the case with Volkswagen, which uses augmented reality.

BMW already uses traditional head-up displays in its cars, and we can also see from the images shared by the manufacturer that it will be there too. It will be placed above the Panoramic Vision, just in front of the driver.

arrival in 2025

At the beginning of the year, BMW took advantage of the CES in Las Vegas to lift the veil on its concept i Vision Dee. The latter featured many technologies that would later be implemented on production vehicles, including an innovative windshield that could transform into an actual movie screen. A system that will be especially useful when the manufacturer offers level 5 autonomous driving.

However, this is not for now, while level 4 will not see the light of day before the end of the decade according to Mercedes. But starting in 2025, BMW will equip its cars with its Panoramic Vision. His arrival will coincide with the inauguration of the Neue Klasse platform. Dedicated solely to electric cars, it will equip the future 3 Series as well as the entire range in the long term.

Instead, this will not be the case of the BMW i5, whose arrival was confirmed by the manufacturer a little before the year. In a press release, the latter gives us new details about the electric sedan, which will also be available as a Touring wagon with a release planned for 2024. We also learn thata 100% electric M version is also on the programinspired by the i4 M50 that we were able to test.

This newcomer should be available with various batteries from 80 to 101.7 kWh, allowing you to reach 600 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. BMW does not want to go further to limit the size of the accumulators, waiting for the arrival of a solid alternative. The sedan like the rest must also be equipped with the autonomous driving level 3 to compete with the Mercedes Drive Pilot.

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