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In recent days, the rumor grows on the Internet. The Tesla Model 2 would have been surprised, camouflaged, in China. A few days later, Tesla publishes a video in which this mysterious Tesla Model 2 appears. Is it really her? We take stock.

Official Tesla Artwork 2020
Official Tesla Artwork 2020

The Tesla Model 2 is expected as the Messiah. Although Elon Musk clarified that it would not be called Tesla Model 2. If you do not know the history of this model, it is the future electric car of the American manufacturer, which could start at $25,000. Thanks to the significant cost reduction and its compact size.

The Tesla Model 2 is also known as a Robotaxi, since Elon Musk wants to launch a fleet of autonomous electric cars to replace taxis. Therefore, it is likely that this fleet is based on this hypothetical compact electric car. And precisely the rumors about this Tesla Model 2 multiply.

A Tesla Model 2… or a Mazda?

Last week, the Chinese media aired photos that were, to say the least… bizarre. We see an electric car similar to a Tesla Model 3, but much more compact. And above all, totally camouflaged, preventing distinctive signs from being seen. The images are from the Chinese site. autospy where users can post photos themselves.

What makes us very doubt that it is Tesla’s electric car is… the presence in the body of a passage provided for an exhaust pipe. On closer inspection, it could be a Mazda CX-30, with a bit of Photoshop done to make it look like a gimmick.

Turns out it’s just a Mazda. pic.twitter.com/yI2qAkWWBZ

—Ulrich Rozier (@UlrichRozier) February 21, 2023

Does Tesla confirm the Model 2?

But the story does not end there. Tesla added water to the grinding wheel with a video posted on Twitter account of the brand for the opening of a new engineering center in the United States. In this video, we can see a rather intriguing plan. This one (screenshot below) shows a cartoonist working on sketches of electric cars. We recognize the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, but we also see a much more compact electric car.

This compact electric car looks a lot like the drawing that Tesla published in 2020 (pictured in one of this article), when it opened a styling office in China. Are these drawings still relevant? Are we facing the future Tesla Model 2 or the Robotaxi?

Nothing is less certain, and you will still have to have a little patience. This Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Elon Musk should make a lot of announcements. He plans to announce details about the third generation platform. Is it the refreshed Tesla Model 3 or this hypothetical affordable compact electric car? See you Thursday morning French time.

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