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The French company specialized in payment, Lyf, has just presented a payment system by registration in car parks. It is not necessary to go to the terminal or through a payment terminal to pay for parking. This solution could be extended to other services, such as tolls.

If you are used to paying regularly with your phone or via contactless with your bank card, this new fast checkout solution should probably please you.

For ever greater speed, the French company Lyf, specialized in payments, has just presented a direct payment solution thanks to the vehicle registration. Indeed, surely you will have noticed it if you use your car regularly, but payment through your smartphone from the car is still far from being a reality, both at tolls and in motorway service areas, at service or in the car parks.

A first experience in car parks

Thanks to a new partner, namely Parcus, a leading parking operator in Strasbourg, Lyf makes life easier for parking customers thanks to a payment system directly through the license plate. The client simply registers their license plate directly in the Lyf application.

Thus, at the entrance to the car park, your license plate is recognized and the barrier rises automatically. On the way out, there is a new reading from your plate: payment is made without any action required. The barrier opens and the payment receipt is immediately available within the application. Enough to avoid getting stuck in front of the barrier with a payment terminal that sometimes shows some signs of fatigue.

Coming soon for gas stations and charging stations?

The arrival of this type of means of payment also allows us to see a little further. In fact, we can well imagine a similar system on the highway, for example, in a few years, even if electronic toll devices already offer this type of service. However, this implies having an additional object provided in the car.

Lyf already offers an interesting system with click & collect and scan & go in TotalEnergies highway stores. Later, Lyf tells “Smooth and expedite the passage to pumps at gas stations”. It remains to be seen if it will be the same principle as payment through registration.

we also imagine a similar system in charging stations for electric carsmost of which still struggle to equip themselves with a payment terminal and require a multitude of provider-specific cards.

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