what Audi has in store for us in 2023

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Audi is currently preparing the launch of its future Q6 e-tron electric car, which will be the first production model based on the PPE platform developed with Porsche. The manufacturer is also planning to reduce the price of its cars in the near future.

Audi, like the vast majority of manufacturers, is now working on the massive electrification of its range in anticipation of the 2035 deadline. And this despite the fact that Germany has been protesting for several weeks against the ban on the sale of thermal cars in Europe. For the record, the German government wants synthetic fuel to be allowed as well, which isn’t won yet, especially since it’s not as eco-friendly as that.

A whole new platform

For its part, Audi already offers several 100% electric models, including the Q8 e-tron and the e-tron GT, not to mention the Q4 e-tron, now compatible with remote OTA updates. But of course, the signature of the rings wants to go even further. As you remember in your press release, you plan to launch no less than 20 new cars on the market by 2025, 10 of which will be 100% electric.

If you haven’t reached out about all of your future models yet, now you want to tell us a little more about one of them. This is the Q6 e-tron, which was already discussed last May, without showing any image. It is now done, although the vehicle is still heavily camouflaged fromIt is currently in the trial phase in Northern Europe..

If it is therefore difficult to glimpse its lines, these should logically remain in line with the Q8 e-tron. Audi specifies that theThe SUV will be available in two body styles., namely standard SUV and Sportback coupe. But the most interesting thing about the press release published by the manufacturer is that it tells us that this newcomer will be based on the new PPE platform. For the record, the latter is co-developed with Porsche and this Q6 e-tron will be the first production vehicle to be equipped with it.

It will later be implemented in other models, including probably the electric Macan and Porsche’s large SUV, which will sit above the Cayenne. Unfortunately, Audi doesn’t teach us many new things, whereas nothing has been confirmed about the range of engines. We only know that it will be equipped with 800-volt architecture like the e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan.

prices down

In addition to giving us news of its future Q6 e-tron, whose launch date has not yet been officially announced, Audi also reveals its results from last year. And these are pretty good, since the builder made increase your profits by 40% as the press release explains. But it’s not about cutting prices on its cars like Tesla.

At least not right away. Because it can end up happening, unlike Porsche, which plans to increase the prices of its cars, according to a spokesperson for the British site. car. If the electric future of the Stuttgart brand will cost 15% more than its thermal equivalents, Audi wants to take the opposite path.

Thus, and as explained Automotive News Europethe Ingolstadt-based manufacturer could offer cheaper models in the future. A possible strategy thanks to the end of the shortage of semiconductors that is beginning to appear. Some specialists counted on 2024. Due to this situation, the manufacturer was focusing on the production of the highest-end models and configurationsmore profitable.

Therefore, the company will now be able to offer more affordable versions, without the risk of reducing your profits. You will also be able to put the heat pump back in your Q4 e-tron, as it had been removed due to missing components. It remains to be seen if other brands that have simply done away with entry-level trims, like Renault with its Mégane E-Tech, will also revise their plans as the crisis subsides.

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