What are the best stabilizers for smartphones of 2023?

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To capture your most beautiful videos, smartphone stabilizers are essential accessories. Here are our recommendations.

At a time when the video quality of our phones is usually excellent, many will wonder what a dedicated stabilizer is for. All smartphones are already equipped with sensors, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope, which are harnessed to create stabilization software. Some higher-end models even come with an optical stabilizer that helps lessen the effects of hand-shake.

While effective, these technologies are far from perfect. Where many would be satisfied with this result, others have a desire to achieve professional quality photos/videos. To achieve this result, a stabilizer will be, or will become, a valuable ally.

The stabilizers, also called “gimbals », they look like selfie sticks, the support of which includes a different number of axes driven by motors. The objective of this system is to maintain the level of the device and thus compensate for the movements of the user. In order to effectively choose a stabilizer, you need to pay attention to its autonomy, the quality of stabilization and grip. Price and options/features will decide between them.

Action cameras that are a little less stable, but also more solid and versatile, may also be of interest to you. If you consult our selection of the best light rings, you will find a quality product to illuminate your scenes. And to go along with your stabilizer, be sure to choose the best photo smartphones. For an overview of the market, head over to our pick of the best smartphones of the year.

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The best smartphone stabilizer: DJI OM 6

Like a Swiss cuckoo clock, DJI is back with a new version of its gimbal for smartphones. And, like every year, the Chinese brand is developing its machine. Main evolution of the 2022 version of DJI OM: three-axis stabilization.

DJI has worked on its ergonomics, with the creation of a new ergonomic handle. It obviously has an extension bar to be able to take selfies more easily. iPhone users will find better compatibility as the dedicated app will launch automatically when you place an iPhone on the stabilizers.

In addition, a new wheel has been added: it makes it easier to control zoom and focus. The battery is capable of providing approximately 6 hours of autonomy.

DJI is the benchmark in stabilization, so you won’t go wrong by choosing the brand’s latest model.

Why choose the DJI OM 6?

  • It is still the best stabilization of the moment.
  • The selfie stick more useful than we imagined
  • The most compact and lightest format

Zhiyun Smooth 5: the stabilizer with a good quality/price ratio

The Zhiyun Smooth 5 builds on the foundations of its predecessor while maintaining an attractive price-performance ratio. It ensures compatibility with most of the recent smartphones, which is a very good point since big screens are now legion.

Like its predecessor, it also offers a wide range of controls on the handle: adjust ISO, exposure, focus, white balance or even adjust the shutter speed, but also with the possibility of using new functions such as the effectVertigo» or « modePhoneGo».

It also benefits from a comfortable autonomy, estimated by the manufacturer at 25 hours of use. Additionally, this new version of the Zhiyun stabilizer now offers a USB-C port for charging.

Why choose the zhiyun smooth 5?

  • A nice improvement on the previous model.
  • The different controls available on the handle and its multiple functions.
  • Its comfortable autonomy and its USB-C port

Hohem Gimbal: professional quality

The Chinese brand Hohem offers many stabilizers in its catalog. If we choose this model among many others, it is mainly because of the construction of the product. In fact, it is designed to support various models of smartphones, from the iPhone to the latest Samsung.

The Hohem iSteady Mobile+ offers a motorized head capable of imitating the gimbal system. Once installed, it is necessary to go through a Bluetooth connection to use this product to its full potential. Inside, a 2800 mAh battery that offers an announced autonomy of 9 hours.

Why choose the Hohem iSteady Mobile+?

  • Able to support a large number of smartphones
  • Its autonomy of 9 hours
  • stabilization gimbal

Which smartphone stabilizer to choose?

Why choose a smartphone stabilizer?

If some manufacturers are interested in video stabilization like Apple or Vivo with their gimbal sensor, not all of them offer optimal conditions, especially for filming. In fact, the implemented software processing can deteriorate the quality of the image. Depending on the model chosen, you will have a fluid and clear image that will be especially useful for recording quality videos.

Should you choose a motorized stabilizer?

The answer to this question first depends on your budget. A motorized product is more expensive, but offers greater versatility of use. Thanks to the installed equipment, the product will be able to compensate all your movements to take the best possible video or photo. The downside is a breakdown. Other non-motorized models provide less stability, but greater reliability on a day-to-day basis. They are also much cheaper.

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