What are the best shockproof smartphones in 2023⁣?

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Are you athletic, clumsy or do you work outdoors? Therefore, your smartphone is at risk of a tragic accident… Maybe you should opt for a shockproof smartphone to avoid having to change it too often. Here’s our comparison of the best rugged phones.

The best shockproof smartphones


Cat S62 Pro

  • thermal camera
  • solid performance
  • a good screen

Adding a protective case can be a solution to protect your phone, but it will not be foolproof. Rugged smartphones are protected by internal metal and external rubber reinforcements. If sometimes manufacturers seem to exaggerate, you won’t think the same once your smartphone crashes to the ground…

We have selected for you the best smartphones that are shockproof and generally designed for outdoor use. Something to delight adventurers in the middle of nature or people who regularly visit construction sites, for example.

In our guide dedicated to the best smartphones of the year, you will find the cream of the market. And if what interests you above all is waterproofing, you can check out our selection of the best waterproof smartphones.

  • solid performance
  • action camera
  • The understated look (for a rugged phone)
  • performance behind

Available in €449 in RED for SFR

New features are rare in the small world of rugged phones. So when Crosscall launches a new top-of-the-line model, we don’t hide our delight. This Action X5 is therefore particularly robust thanks to a magnesium chassis and a glass-fibre-reinforced plastic casing.

As a bonus, the glass is thicker than on the average smartphone, allowing it to withstand drops from 2 meters high. Logically, the device is also IP68 certified and therefore waterproof.

Despite its small display for current weapons (5.45 inches), the machine is heavy, coming in at a whopping 235 grams on the scale. It is usually the weak point of this type of device, the processor is correct for once. The Snapdragon 662 used here has no problem ensuring good overall fluidity. Too bad, however, that its autonomy is not fantastic, count a day and a half on a charge, but not much better.

We conclude this overview with the once unusual double module, which is performing surprisingly well, particularly on the main sensor. However, the ultra-wide angle is less convincing, due to the image processing that is not developed.

With this Action X5, Crosscall offers a very correct rugged smartphone, we would have liked a little more muscular performance given the price, but in the absence of serious competition, we are no better in the current market.

where to buy the

Crosscall Action X5 at the best price?

  • thermal camera
  • solid performance
  • a good screen

Available in €535 on Amazon Marketplace

Few rugged smartphones offer an interesting technical sheet and the CAT S62 Pro is an exception with its FLIR thermal camera. For a rugged smartphone, it even has the luxury of being surprisingly aesthetic, although at 11.9mm thick and weighing 248 grams, there’s no risk of forgetting it in a pocket.

It is IP69 and MIL SPEC 810H certified, which in French translates to 35 minutes of waterproofing at a depth of 1.5m, 1.8m drop resistance, and an operating range of -25 to 55 degrees.

The 5.7-inch display adopts FHD+ resolution and is particularly bright and protected by Gorilla Glass 6. If the adopted Snapdragon 660 isn’t lightning, it offers solid performance and runs Android 10 flawlessly. With a 4000 mAh battery, the autonomy is quite average and will not exceed two days.

But where the phone really stands out is the adoption of a state-of-the-art FLIR sensor that allows it to capture thermal images with greater precision. However, it is a shame that CAT has abandoned the laser rangefinder and air quality measurement compared to the previous generation.

Despite everything, the CAT S62 Pro is the most advanced and balanced shockproof smartphone of the moment.

where to buy the

Cat S62 Pro at the best price?

  • A solid but flexible casing.
  • The compact format
  • Good performance

Available in €299 in baker

Samsung smartphones will no longer be presented today. However, the Korean manufacturer also thinks of professionals. This is the case of the Galaxy XCover 5, which stands out above all for its solid construction. The chosen materials offer solidity at all times while maintaining elegance.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

It also has a whole arsenal of certifications. The sealing indicated by the IP68 will make it survive immersions in water up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes. The phone is also capable of withstanding a drop from a height of 1.5 meters onto a flat metal surface. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 even has an 810 G military certification.

The touch interface is a 5.3-inch LCD panel. It is capable of displaying content in High Definition. The set is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 type glass. Above all, you should know that the 3000 mAh battery it is wearing is removable. A very rare item in the mobile phone market these days.

In terms of internal power, the phone has an Exynos 850 processor suitable for running some software as long as it is not too resource intensive. It is a great device for those who are looking for a rugged phone.

where to buy the

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 at the best price?

  • The price (all things considered)
  • Solid
  • a big screen

Available in €205 at Fnac Marketplace

After a good value for money S41, CAT is back with an S42 that evolves smoothly. We’re keeping the hardened design, with a rubberized back, but the front panel now ignores the physical buttons. Between the thickness of 12.7 cm and the 6.32-inch screen, we are in the presence of a massive device and, therefore, not always easy to operate with one hand.

On the other hand, we are a bit disappointed by the choice of the Helio A20 SoC and only 3 GB of RAM. This is enough to run Android, but we quickly reach the limits of the phone as soon as some apps are launched. The 4200 mAh battery lasts a good day, but not more. It is also a pity that the brand’s engineers have opted for a micro-USB connector.

If it suffers from several flaws, the CAT S42 falls into our selection, as it is one of the few smartphones in this price range that is effectively beefed up. It will suffice for basic use, but if you have the budget, go for its big brother, the S62 Pro.

where to buy the

Cat S42 at the best price?

Understand everything about shockproof and rugged phones.

What do the IP69K and MIL STD 810G certifications mean?

The IP certification indicates the level of protection of the device against dust and water and therefore has nothing to do with the level of robustness. The index includes two digits, the first for dust, the second for water. IP69K is an extension of IP69 that mainly adds high pressure tests. To learn more about IP certification, you can consult our guide to buying waterproof smartphones.

MIL-STD is a military standard used to evaluate equipment used by the US military. It provides strong resistance to extreme conditions. It consists of twenty laboratory tests that simulate use at height or at extreme temperatures, resistance to falls and even ballistic shocks, without forgetting, of course, water or vibrations. You should know that no smartphone has gone through all the tests, many times they are limited to those related to falls and temperature.

What are the tradeoffs of a rugged smartphone?

They generally suffer from a discreet design, which is a consequence of the thick rubber protections that cover the mobile. Forget overloaded setups and 2K OLED displays. Rugged products are equipped, at best, with a Snapdragon 660 (and often less) and enjoying a Full HD screen is already very good. To have a resistant smartphone you have to make concessions. With the same configuration, they are also much more expensive.

What are the reference brands of rugged smartphones?

The market for shockproof smartphones is quite small. The two most popular brands are CAT (Caterpillar) and the French Crosscall, and they are generally the most recommended. There are also references from some more confidential Chinese manufacturers. More traditional brands have also tried the adventure, such as Samsung or Motorola, with varying degrees of success.

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