What are the best Philips Ambilight TVs of 2023?

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Do you want maximum immersion in your living room? Nothing better than Philips and its Ambilight technology to immerse us in the heart of the action. We have chosen the best Philips TVs for you.

The TOP 3 of the best Philips TVs

The best Philips TV

9 /10

Philips 55OLED936

  • The Ambilight is still just as successful
  • One of the best OLED panels on the market.
  • sound quality
  • Only two HDMI 2.1 sockets

Although they do not differ much from their competitors from a technical point of view, Philips televisions have a particularity that has allowed the brand to maintain a loyal core of fans: theAmbilight. For years, the manufacturer has offered models that are regularly placed in our selection of the best TVs on the market.

This very specific Philips lighting technology, through LED bars hidden behind the edges of the screen, allows you to expand your field of vision without having to buy a larger TV. And if it may sound simplistic, we have to admit that the technology is devilishly efficient, quite original, and makes watching a movie very enjoyable. It is now fully developed, brings real added value and could justify buying a Philips Smart TV on its own, despite the rather high prices.

And if it doesn’t make its own panels anymore, the brand offers plenty of quality models, notably in the OLED, where it’s supplied directly from LG, and the Mini LED. We have produced here for you a small inventory of the best philips tvs to help you make the right choice.

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The Philips QLED and OLED Smart TV range

9 /10

Philips 55OLED936

  • The Ambilight is still just as successful
  • One of the best OLED panels on the market.
  • sound quality
  • Only two HDMI 2.1 sockets

The 936 series of Philips televisions is the most advanced of the brand, bringing together the latest technologies. It also starts with the one that shows off the most elegant and perhaps the most striking design, with its integrated sound bar. This OLED TV is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

For the 2021 version of your flagship, Philips once again went to provide LG and did not look at the expense. In this television we find the same EVO panel as in the very good LG G1. So this increases brightness by 20% compared to last year, while maintaining the absolute blacks of the OLED. There is also nothing to say about perfectly mastered colorimetry. Often neglected at Philips, gaming has been dealt with here as screen lag time hits a very respectable 11ms, as well as FreeSync compatibility.

The sound part is rocked thanks to a Bowers & Wilkins signed sound bar, to which a subwoofer and satellites can be added for effect. surround comprehensive. Without reaching the quality of a dedicated home theater kit, this solution is still very correct.

But it is above all Ambilight, present here on four sides, that once again seduces. And if it’s equipped with Philips Hue bulbs, they can even sync up with your TV.

As expected, the bill turns out to be high, but we have one of the best OLED screens on the market and a serious competitor to the LG G1. You can read our Philips 55OLED936 TV test.

where to buy the

Philips 55OLED936 at the best price?

No offers at the moment

The Philips OLE936 series is available in 48, 55 and 65 inches at respective prices of €1,490, €1,990 and €3,490.

8 /10

Philips 55OLED807

  • Excellent display quality
  • Enhanced Gaming Features
  • a reasonable price

Available in €1,214 at Ubaldi.com

This “807” series succeeds the “806” with an excellent value for money. It starts with a bold design with a very thin slab and a handy foot that allows you to rotate the screen. However, this foot accumulates fingerprints very easily. The construction also makes it quite difficult to fit a soundbar in with the TV as far as foot goes. if you have a TV stand deep enough, you can have all the freedom you need.

Philips Oled 807
Philips Oled 807 // Source: Philips

As for the equipment, it is a Dalle White Oled 10 bit 100/120 Hz that is configured. The latter is capable of offering a definition in Ultra HD. During our test, we were able to observe irreproachable colorimetry, especially in movies. The average color temperature is measured at 6214 K, close to the value of 6500 K. In terms of brightness, we saw a peak of 691 cd/m2 well below the 1000+ in other television is you present in the market.

The Philips 55OLED807 also has serious gaming chops. This translates first of all into a fairly solid connection with two HDMI 2.1 sockets for the new generation consoles. The game mode on the Philips TV is quite generous, with ALLM, for a input delay of 14.3ms. In game, the colorimetry is not very faithful, but it is possible to activate the Ambilight to play to the maximum.

On board the TV, the Android TV system takes care of the general entertainment. With HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos support, you can get the most out of your series. As always, the Ambilight system offers perfect immersion. There Philips TV It is available in 48, 55, 65 and 77 inches, for price ranges ranging from 1,290 to 2,990 euros. Our test of the Philips 55OLED807 is available to read for more information.

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Philips 55OLED807 at the best price?

The Philips Mini LED Smart TV range

  • the excellent contrast
  • Good brightness and calibration.
  • the sound bar

Available in €1,484 at Ubaldi.com

Hitherto primarily focused on high-end OLEDs, Philips is branching out with a first TV to use a Mini LED panel. Externally, nothing very new, this model is almost identical to the OLED936 with its central foot and the bar of its design. However, the overall thickness of the television is more important.

Available in 65 and 75 inches, the Philips panel has 1024 backlight zones. The result is excellent contrast, better than 11550:1. It beats the Samsung QN95A, which has taken the category crown so far. However, no miracle in terms of blooming, the latter is always noticeable in elements such as subtitles.

Add to that a good calibration and high brightness and you have a very interesting screen for those who plan to watch TV in a brightly lit room. Unsurprisingly, we’re also entitled to support for HDMI 2.1.

Without going into the absolute blacks of OLED, Philips’ first Mini LED adventure convinces, offering us a TV that’s a little less cinema-oriented than its OLED cousins, but more practical to use during the day. If you already have a good sound system, a version without a soundbar is also available.

where to buy the

Philips MiniLED 65PML9636 at the best price?

The Philips The One range

  • android tv
  • decent quality…
  • …for a contained price

Available in €789 at Fnac Marketplace

Your budget is limited, but do you really like Ambilight? The One series may interest you. The concept is simple: to make the choice as easy as possible by offering a well-balanced television sold at an attractive price.

In practice, however, and despite its name, The One isn’t quite the pick at Philips. The machine is particularly thick and the panel is correct, but it pales in comparison to the QLED panels that the competition is beginning to offer at this price level. However, we appreciate the presence of Android TV for the software part.

Available on just three sides of the TV (versus four on the more advanced models), the Ambilight is still quite functional and gives the impression of unexpected size given the reduced diagonal.

A decent Philips television, therefore, but one that offers fairly average value for money.

where to buy the

Philips 43PUS8546 at the best price?

What should you know about Philips and its Smart TVs?

Who is the Philips brand?

A century-old electronics company, Philips was founded in the Netherlands in 1891 by two brothers, Gerard and Anton Philips. fun fact : the latter were none other than the cousins ​​of the famous philosopher Karl Marx. At that time, the brand produced filament lamps.

Today, the company that produces Philips televisions has not been Dutch for a long time. The parent company sold its television branch to the Chinese giant TPV Technology in 2011.

Unlike several such acquisitions, the quality of the products has not collapsed, quite the contrary, Philips remains a major player in the market.

What is Philips Ambilight?

This technology is THE great strength of Philips TVs. The principle of the light halo is simple and has been used for a long time in the audiovisual world. It consists of adding a light source behind the screen to fool our eye and give it an impression of higher contrast.

If this was originally done with just white light, Philips has taken the concept further by using light tubes (now replaced by RGB LEDs) that match the colors displayed on the screen, based on their location. This works particularly well and helps to enhance the immersion effect, without having to buy a larger screen. Depending on the model, the number of covered sides and the “fineness” of the lighting will be more or less important.

If the function is not unanimous, it must be recognized that 18 years after its launch it continues to mobilize a community of loyal fans behind it. at[person]’s house frandroidin any case we are convinced.

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