What are the best MagSafe accessories for iPhone in 2023?

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Want to get the most out of MagSafe on your new iPhone? We have selected for you the most interesting accessories on the market. Load or support, there’s something for everyone.

Apple MagSafe
The Apple MagSafe charger // Source: Unsplash Brandon Romanchuk

Apple prides itself on being a green company and you have to admit that with the MagSafe, it is handing itself over to recycling using the name of its charging connector used in its laptops since 2006.

So, reusing this name for the internal induction charging system for iPhones can be even more confusing since MagSafe 3 for MacBooks came out in 2021… So, we cover accessories intended for the iPhone here.

MagSafe is a spiritual evolution of the Qi charging found in many devices. Apple has added a circular magnet to its phone. The latter serves as a support, but also to align the induction coils more precisely. This increases charging power to 15W versus 7.5W on Qi.

Therefore, we have chosen for you the most interesting MagSafe accessories.

If you’re looking for more versatile Qi chargers, be sure to read our best wireless charger buying guide. To get the most out of your MagSafe charger, you’ll also need a power source. Also discover our comparison of the best USB-C chargers.

The best MagSafe chargers

The MagSafe is there primarily to charge your iPhone. And that’s good: there is something for everyone! Note that for most of them, you’ll also need to buy a USB-C Power Delivery charger of at least 20W to power it.

Apple MagSafe Charger: The Basics

Apple’s basic charger is obviously a safe bet. Combined with a 20W power supply, it can provide 15W. It comes with the USB-C cable.

Apple MagSafe Dual Charger – Travel Light

With its quite original wallet format, this double charger stands out for its compact size. In addition to offering MagSafe charging for your phone, it’s also capable of accommodating an Apple Watch.

Therefore, its small size makes it particularly practical for those who are often on the go. Originally sold for €150, lately it has often been found for around €120.

Mophie 3-in-1 travel charger: for the fanboys

Are you a fan of Apple products and do you travel a lot? This charger signed by Mophie is capable of giving a boost to no less than three devices at the same time. The iPhone in MagSafe of course, but also the Apple Watch and also the AirPods via a small Qi pad.

This whole little world folds in three and can be stored in a very practical felt bag. The latter can accommodate a USB-C cable and an AC adapter. To quickly load all this, it will be better to use a muscular sector block.

Belkin 3-in-1 Charging Station: Ideal for the nightstand

The American Belkin is one of the most prolific manufacturers of Apple accessories. Unsurprisingly, the brand offers several MagSafe charging mounts. The one that caught our attention the most was the 3-in-1 model, capable of supporting an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Unlike most of the models featured here, it’s “fixed” and relatively bulky, so don’t expect to move it every four mornings. Perfect for a nightstand, for example, or a desk. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, there is also a 2-in-1 version.

Apple MagSafe Battery: A Little Push

The official Apple battery is particularly compact and fits perfectly into an iPhone Mini. This also makes it strange to use on larger models, where it seems to float a bit. If we have nothing to complain about with the build quality, the battery capacity itself leaves a bit to be desired.

The magsafe battery connected to an iPhone 12 Mini and an iPhone 12.

With just 1460 mAh on the clock, you won’t need to count on a full charge, just a little boost at the end of the day. Note that it has a Lightning connector and can be used as a 15W MagSafe charger when connected to a powerful enough AC adapter.

The best MagSafe mounts

Beyond charging, MagSafe can also be used to secure a phone to a surface, all without having to add a particular case. However, this feature is limited by the strength of the magnets, which is not enough to hold the phone during strong shocks. If you want to install it on a motorcycle or a bicycle, you will have to go through QuadLock or SP Connect.

Belkin Boost Charge charger: the luxury car holder

Car mounts for smartphones are all over the streets, but we must admit that this is one of the scenarios where MagSafe is particularly practical, allowing you to connect your smartphone in a second. Among the many models available, we especially appreciate the one from Belkin. It attaches to the vent mounts on your dashboard. The precise orientation of the phone can be adjusted.

Please note that the cable and charger (10 W) are provided. It is compatible with all models of iPhone 12, 13 and 14.

Belkin Fitness Mount: For gym goers

Signed Belkin this support stands out for its objectives. In fact, it is designed to be attached to sports equipment (exercise bikes, treadmill, squat rack, etc.). The mounting system itself is simple to use and surprisingly versatile thanks to a ball joint that allows the phone to be tilted in any direction you want.

An accessory that is certainly a bit expensive, but one that will delight gym lovers.

Everything you need to know about Apple’s MagSafe

What iPhones are compatible with MagSafe?

The MagSafe feature was introduced with the iPhone 12 in 2020. Therefore, the entire range of iPhone 12 and 13 supports MagSafe.

Some AirPods cases are also compatible, specifically 3rd generation AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Is MagSafe Qi compatible?

Yes, most MagSafe chargers are compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. That being said, the charging speed is limited and some chargers, for example those that hold the charger vertically, obviously cannot be used with a non-Apple device.

Conversely, a Qi charger can be used to charge an iPhone. Some even offer unofficial magnet support. If they can “hold” the iPhone, these chargers are slower. In fact, the 15 W charge is reserved for Apple chargers or holders of an official license.

Is my phone at risk of falling with MagSafe?

It’s hard to answer this question categorically, but let’s say it right away: MagSafe doesn’t play in the same category as QuadLock. The system is designed to easily attach AND remove your phone.

Therefore, it is very practical for home use, but prohibits any scenario where the phone is subjected to significant jolts or bumps.

Does MagSafe work with a case?

MagSafe will work perfectly with compatible Apple cases. Third-party manufacturers also offer compatible cases, make sure the mention “MagSafe compatible” is there. In fact, a magnet is directly integrated into the helmet, but it is nevertheless possible to make a helmet compatible by sticking a magnetic ring on it. However, this solution is not very elegant, we advise you to buy a suitable shell directly, it will be cheaper and will simplify your life.

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