What are the best connected scales in 2023?

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To control your weight, you can obviously invest in a classic scale. But in 2023, technology offers us much more. With connected scales, it is now possible to measure fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and easily monitor changes.

The Body Cardio Connected Scale
The Body Cardio Connected Scale // Source: Withings

If you want to lose weight, control it or simply follow the results of your training, a connected scale is much more practical than a traditional model.

The latter takes care of the most boring part of the weighing for you, carrying out an automatic follow-up, usually consultable through an application. In addition to weight, most models offer a more detailed analysis of your body composition: bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass… and much more.

However, take this data with a grain of salt, it does not claim to be extremely reliable or accurate. On the other hand, they are very useful for drawing long-term trends.

A little advice for better control: weigh yourself at a fixed time, at regular intervals, placing the scale in the same place on a hard floor. Doing it in the morning on an empty stomach is the most obvious choice. This avoids certain variables such as food and drink that can strongly change the results. Also be careful not to focus on daily variations, rather watch the curve evolve over a longer period to detect actual changes. In women, one’s own weight can also vary depending on the time of the cycle.

we have made for you a comparison of the best connected scalesat all price levels.

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Withings Body Cardio: the connected scale for your body and heart

The Body Cardio It is a complete connected scale that measures your weight, of course, but it also does much more. In reality, the scale measures almost your entire body: weight, bone mass, fat mass, water mass, and finally muscle mass. These measurements are relatively common on most high-end scales. Where Body Cardio stands out is in its cardiac part.

The scale is also capable of measuring heart rate and pulse wave velocity (PWV). Unknown to the general public, PWV makes it possible to measure arterial stiffness, which itself is a factor in high blood pressure. Prosaically, it is an additional way of detecting anomalies. It’s always good to drink. More recently, he introduced an estimate of your cardiovascular age based on pulse wave measurement.

Of course, the scale is integrated into the manufacturer’s ecosystem, so you’ll find the data in the Health Mate app, which is pretty well put together and nicely designed. If you already own a Withings product like a smartwatch, this is a natural choice. It connects via Wi-Fi and has the great idea of ​​recharging via USB instead of running on a battery. The brand promises up to 12 months of autonomy.

Withings Body Cardio in brief

  • Your entire body composition
  • And also cardiovascular measures.
  • The Withings ecosystem

Withings Body+: good value for money

If you have a little less budget, you can ignore the measurements of the heart to focus on the other points with the Withings Body+. On the other hand, there is the weight and the bone, fat, water and muscle masses. It is more than enough for day to day.

Composition is always measured using the bioelectrical impedance technique which requires the scale to be used barefoot (and dry) for proper operation. It also has a pregnancy mode, then a baby mode to follow the growth of the baby simply by carrying it in your arms.

Unlike its big brother, the scale also ignores the battery, this time in favor of batteries. She will have four and the company expects 18 months of autonomy with these. Of course, she will find the Health Mate app.

The Withings Body+ in brief

  • Your weight and body composition
  • But also some additional features
  • The pleasant ecosystem of Withings

The Withings Body+ is generally offered for less than 100 euros.

Tanita BC-401: simple and reliable

While many new players have recently landed on the scale market, Tanita is what we would call an ancestor, having been released in 1944 in Japan. The brand has a long history of offering precision scales and body impedance meters, but was a latecomer to the connected bathroom scale market.

This BC-401 takes on a… old-fashioned look. That said, the build quality is impeccable and the large screen is very readable. Its format is also particularly superficial; therefore, we will have feet that stick out during weighing. This is a bit surprising, but in return the connected scale is less bulky and easier to store. We especially appreciate the precision of the measurements and that they are very complete.

Data synchronization is done via Bluetooth with the app (Android and iOS). The latter mainly focuses on your measurements and doesn’t try to shower you with advice like some of its competitors. The BC-401 isn’t a game changer by any means, but it offers good performance and impeccable build quality.

La Tanita BC-401 in brief

  • Very good build quality and 3 year warranty.
  • precise measurements
  • A bit expensive for a Bluetooth scale…

eufy P1: the budget option

Eufy is a subsidiary of Anker that is best known for its external batteries. With its P1, the brand specialized in “self quantifiedmanages to offer a very attractive connected scale at a low price. As with its more exclusive competitors, all the usual measures are present.

Elle fait en revanche l’impasse sur le Wi-Fi. The connectivity is made in Bluetooth, ce qui à l’usage est un peu moins pratique puisqu’il faudra penser à l’activer sur son téléphone pour qu’il enregistre la pesée del día. It’s a bit more restrictive and you’ll probably “lose” some measures because of it.

The app is relatively clear and easy on the eyes, and you can also use Google Fit or the iOS Health app if you prefer. The scale itself has the merit of being a bit more compact than its competitors and will easily fit into most interiors. It works with 3 AAA batteries.

The eufy P1 in brief

  • All the classic features…
  • … but it connects via bluetooth
  • Less than 40 euros!

The low cost alternative: the Xiaomi scale

At an even lower price (less than 30 euros), because often on sale, you can turn to a Xiaomi product, the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Bluetooth scale. Small and discreet, it will be used together with the Mi Fit application, all for only 35 euro.

Tefal Body Partner+: for additional measurements

Quite well known for its kitchen accessories, Tefal also offers various models of connected scales. The Partner+ offers on paper a selection of very classic sensors with an impedance meter capable of measuring the index of fat mass and hydration. We’re sorry that it only works on Bluetooth, though, but we do appreciate the very readable display.

However, the scale distinguishes itself by offering a “silhouette sensor“. Behind this term hides, in fact, a good old tape measure, also connected via Bluetooth. Together with the application, it allows you to take measurements from six positions (chest, waist, hips, calf, thigh, biceps) Measurements that interestingly complement weight and fat mass index to give a much more precise image of our evolution.

Please note that while compatibility with Google and Apple Health apps is guaranteed, not all measurements, including body measurements, are taken into account. Therefore, it will be necessary to maintain the Tefal application for complete control. Too bad, however, that it is quite expensive.

Let Tefal Body Partner + a letter

  • very readable display
  • really useful measures
  • bluetooth only

Choosing the right connected scale

How to use a connected scale?

Before being connected, connected scales are… scales. When it comes to simply measuring your weight, you can use it like any bathroom scale with no special precautions. However, to obtain additional values ​​such as body fat, they use the so-called “bioelectrical impedance” technique, which requires passing a slight current through the body. To do this, it is mandatory to use it barefoot, otherwise it will not be able to pass the electric current, so it will be impossible to obtain a measurement. It is also important to keep your feet dry, since humidity can alter the signal.

Does electrical impedance pose a health risk, even during pregnancy?

If you’re worried about having a current running through your body at every weigh-in, don’t worry. Bioelectrical impedance does not pose any risk. The current is very weak and no study has shown any impact on health. However, most scales offer to disable this feature as a precaution, especially during pregnancy.

Are the connected scales accurate?

Measuring the weight of something is very simple. Even at low cost, finding accurate scales is not very difficult. Some more exclusive ones, like the Withings Cardio in our selection of connected scales, also offer special mechanisms to make it even more precise.

For the other elements, it is less the case. Bioelectrical impedance has its limitations when it comes to consumer products. Fat mass ratio in particular clearly lacks precision and specific devices will need to be used to measure it. However, a connected scale will be able to draw a trend, especially if you use it daily.

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