What are the best 43-inch 4K HDR TVs in 2023?

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Here you have our selection of 43-inch televisions, although they are not very numerous, there are still some interesting options for lovers of small televisions!

The best 43-inch 4K TVs in a nutshell

for design

Samsung QE43LS03B The Frame (2022)

  • Like a painting with an “art” mode
  • a correct image
  • Convenient to use Tyzen

If 55-inch and 65-inch TVs are now the standard, there isn’t always room to fit one in your living room. One may also prefer smaller screens for a secondary TV. More simply, you can look for something discreet, which does not clash with its cleverly decorated interior.

Still, the 43-inch TV is now the poor relation of the TV ranges, being almost completely ignored even for the top of the range. If you are looking for the best technologies, you will have to switch to the old format.

Therefore, we have selected here the rare models that caught our eye. If you want a broader choice, we recommend reading our comparison of the best 48-inch 4K TVs.

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However, there are televisions that offer quite decent quality for this diagonal, we have selected the best, in various price ranges.

  • Like a painting with an “art” mode
  • a correct image
  • Convenient to use Tyzen

Available in €649 on Commerce street

Sold for around 1,000 euros, the 43-inch Samsung The Frame QLED 2022 is one of the few somewhat ambitious models on this diagonal. We find once again the very particular design, thought to resemble a painting. The frame is very thin and you can order the wooden ones. This year a particularly effective anti-reflective coating was added. The display of the “work of art” is therefore much more natural than before.

Add to that the art mode that allows you to display works of art and you have without a doubt the most discreet television on the market. If you first think to hang on the wall, it is delivered with feet to put it on a piece of furniture. Note that it comes with the One Connect box that allows you to deport the connectors from the TV.

From a purely technical point of view, we are dealing with a mid-range QLED panel. The image is therefore not very bright (peak light reaches 630 cd/m2), but the contrasts are quite good.

The panel displays a good 100Hz refresh rate and supports HDR10+. On the voice assistant side, compatibility is assured with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby. On the gaming side, the new The Frame model does well, thanks to a 120Hz HDMI input, ALLM and FreeSync Premium Pro, as well as a input delay of only 9.4 ms.

Even so, Samsung has raised prices well compared to last year: the design is paid…

where to buy the

Samsung QE43LS03B The Frame (2022) at the best price?

7 /10

TCL 43C735

  • good quality image
  • in party games
  • Google TV

Available in €549 at Fnac

The Chinese brand TCL is one of the few that still launches 43-inch televisions on the market. In this case, the C735 is presented as a QLED television with very good features for both watching movies and playing video games.

For this, good connectivity is required, since it has a USB 2.0 socket, two HDMI 2.1 inputs and another two HDMI 2.0 and finally an Ethernet port. For the gaming part, the TCL C735 integrates in Game Mode a input delay of 13.2ms. Above all, the latter supports VRR and ALLM to provide a pleasant gaming experience.

The QLED panel also offers beautiful Ultra HD picture quality. The scaling is excellent without reaching the level of sharpness of the best televisions on the market. Our measurements revealed an average color temperature of 6728 K and a maximum brightness of 357 cd/m2.

If you are looking for a good compact television, the TCL C735 can be an interesting solution both for its versatility and its price. In its 43-inch version, the model is available at a price of 549 euros. For more information, we recommend that you read our TCL TV test.

where to buy the

TCL 43C735 at the best price?

7 /10

Sony 42A90K

  • Excellent color calibration
  • top notch design
  • DTS compatible
  • Overall brightness too low

Available in €1,790 at Baker

Small exception in this guide, this TV model is 42 inches, not 43. You will hardly notice the difference with the naked eye. Like all the latest models of Sony televisions, this one takes advantage of Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, which allows, in particular, to adapt the contrasts in real time on an image. The latter is very effective and allows you to get the most out of your video content.

The design is always particularly successful. What about the use of games? Sony does not hide its ambitions in this area, especially considering the small size of this 42-inch television. The game mode, which is activated only as soon as you turn on a PS5, is very well calibrated in terms of colors. On the other hand, the 42A90K will convince a little less gamers at home plate.input delaymeasured at 16.3ms in Ultra HD at 60fps, which is good, but not great.

As for audio, the model is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS. In animation, a very efficient Google TV is in charge. In addition, the “Remote Finder” function that is used with the Google Assistant to find the remote control, if it may seem a bit gimmicky at first glance, is nevertheless very useful to avoid pulling your hair out looking for the zappette.

As for the few negative points, we regret a too low maximum brightness (532 cd/m² in cinema mode) as well as a high price, as is often the case with Sony.

You can learn more about this little TV by reading our review of the Sony 48A90K, which is the larger model but is similar in all other ways.

where to buy the

Sony 42A90K at the best price?

  • the floor price
  • android tv
  • a clean look

Available in €399 on Xiaomi

Do you have a very small budget? As often, it is on Xiaomi that the good deals are found. Recently present in the world of television, the Chinese manufacturer distributes some models in France.

Despite its low price, the latter offers a surprisingly clean design and slim bezels. We saw more polished finishes, but nothing to be ashamed of. This 43-inch version of the P1 has an IPS panel, while its bigger 55-inch sibling has a VA panel. In practice, this means viewing angles are great, but contrast isn’t glorious.

Xiaomi’s rendering processor, however, does a pretty honorable job in terms of upscaling non-4K content. We also appreciate the presence of Android TV, which runs smoothly, which is not always the case on Samsung models. entry level.

Among our regrets, we note that support for HDMI 2.1 is more theoretical than anything else since VRR is absent. We are only entitled to the eARC.

If you don’t get to score annals, this My TV P1 offers correct services for a very low price. That’s all we ask of him and he does it well.

where to buy the

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 43 at the best price?

  • Better lighting management
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 ports
  • L’OS Tizen

Available in €999 at Fnac

The new range of Samsung TVs unveiled at CES 2022 is available for purchase. This 43-inch model is the most affordable version of the range offered by the manufacturer. It features the new Quantum Matrix technology which, on paper, offers better backlighting.

In the compatibility menu, you are entitled to HDR10+ and HDR10+ Gaming. This will allow you to accompany you during your gaming sessions, but also to watch series and movies.

It offers 100Hz refresh with Ultra HD 4K definition. As always, the TizenOS operating system is efficient to provide you with an optimal user experience. The connection is provided with 4 2.1 compatible HDMI ports. Enough to support the contribution of a new generation game console.

This 43-inch television, priced at 1,390 euros, is a good investment if you want a small interface but with great quality.

where to buy the

Samsung QE43QN90B (2022) at the best price?

  • Good at movies and games.
  • An excellent response rate
  • the contrast of the dalle

Available in €799 on Rakuten Marketplace

The Japanese manufacturer Sony is still a big name in the television market. If you are looking for a 43-inch model, discover the model that we reveal to you.

A word first about the construction of the 43-inch TV. Like its Xiaomi counterpart, the slim edges and finish allow this one to sit anywhere in your home. The Sony KD-43X85J LCD panel offers a good brightness and above all an excellent contrast ratio for your situation. LED-backlit 4K image quality offers great advantages.

All these technical features offer constant versatility around this 43-inch television. This one is also good for use in games, in movies, or in standard use.

In terms of connectivity, the presence of HDMI 2.1 supports eARC. It will have 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, but no VRR.

We also regret the poor performance of the TV in terms of viewing angles. It is better to look at this head on.

where to buy the

Sony KD-43X85J at the best price?

Everything you need to know before buying your 43-inch TV

Why a 43-inch TV?

Obviously, 43 inches is a small diagonal size when you look at the most popular TVs of 2023 that offer 55-inch and 65-inch screen diagonals. The 43-inch format is still interesting to equip a bedroom or a kitchen, or a small living room. More discreet than a 55-inch television, it integrates much more easily into the decoration.

To choose the size of your television, a trick that usually works very well is the “4.5 centimeters per inch ruler“. This indicates the minimum distance between you and the TV. For example, on a 43-inch (4K) TV, you have to be about 1.80 meters from the screen. Closer, you will quickly tire your eyes and, further away, you will lose the ability to dive. But at this distance, you’ll have a good immersion in all the movie and video game action. In any case, this is only an approximation and the ideal is that each user determines at what distance he feels more comfortable. On 4K UHD TVs, the definition is so high that it doesn’t really impose any restrictions, unless you stand a few inches from the screen…

Where are the 43-inch OLED TVs?

No pun intended, small TVs are now a niche. In 2020 the average TV was 55 inches and it looks like 65 inches will become the new standard in 2023.

OLED panel production capacities are currently limited and manufacturers are concentrating on larger dimensions. The smallest OLED available is the 48-inch LG C1.

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